Stand Up Stand Together


Stand Up, Stand Together

How the Remake organization fosters conversations between young workers & designers

“When you have social dialogue with workers, then you have a greater understanding of what living wages actually mean. You start understanding what it truly costs to give workers access to health, education, shelter, cost of living.”

— Safia Minney, Founder and Director of People Tree

The fashion industry is exploitative. The fashion industry pollutes our world…

Those of us who love fashion and understand the dilemma might find it hard to shop for anything new – and there’s a valid argument to only buy secondhand or consume less at this point. But fashion is also a wonderful vehicle for self-expression and perhaps even more so for the fashion designer whose passion is to create the garments that we will want to wear. So while it’s great for us “consumers” to know about the ramifications of fast fashion it’s even more important for designers. When the production work is outsourced halfway around the world there is no longer a connection between the maker and the designer.

Ayesha Barenblat, the founder of Remake did a radical thing: she decided to bring these two groups together to create connections and conversations. She does this by taking small groups of fashion design students from the U.S. to meet with their peers who work on the production end of the fashion industry. Today we’re sharing their film of a trip to Sri Lanka taken in 2018. It’s a fascinating and thought provoking look at the issues that the industry faces from an intimate and personal perspective. We invite you to watch it and the other films on the re/make website. We’ll be following this up with an interview with Ayesha and some of the student’s who went on the trip.

REMAKE’S MISSION: Remake is a nonprofit that is igniting a conscious consumer movement to turn fashion into a force for good. Our original documentary footage brings you face to face with the women who make our clothes. We share facts and stories to help you break up with fast fashion and provide seasonal curated collections to remake your closet with fashion that respects women and planet.