How to Style a Camel Blazer

styling a camel blazer with blue boots

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Name: Ellen Kate
Location: London, UK
Occupation: Fashion Merchandiser

Style Advice

My best style advice is to wear things because you love them, not because they’re on trend. Get experimental with your style and don’t be afraid to get it wrong. It’s so ok to hate an outfit because it means you gave something a go, and now you know!

Style IconS

London street style style icons
London street style

I’ve also been so so inspired by London street style. My favourite thing is to check out people’s outfits on my commute, I always see the best looks and make notes of similar things in my wardrobe that I can try and pair together when I get home.

camel blazer close up

Why I picked this blazer to style

I knew I had to pick this garment as
A) I literally wear it all the time and
B) I tell the story of this blazer to anyone who will listen to me.
I picked up this amazing blazer for around £2.50 in a second hand shop in the Czech Republic when I was at a festival there. I only had a backpack with me but I knew this blazer was going to become enough of a staple in my wardrobe that it was worth lugging it back to London or even wearing it in the 40 degree Prague heat. And now I wear it pretty much all spring and summer.

look one camel blazer with fluffy hat and jeans

Look One

I honestly wanted to keep this look as simple as possible and let the hat do the talking. To be honest, it’s a mix of the hat and the boots that are the stand out moment of this look. And I love the balance of that.

look two camel blazer with tights and pink hat

Look Two

I couldn’t not include a pink, girly inspired looked. This is so true to my everyday style and is an easy outfit that I would reach for. I have been getting so much wear out of this skort since I picked it up and now truly believe that all skirts being skorts would be an absolute game changed to the skirt industry.

look three camel blazer with colorful  work trousers

Look Three

This is the most casual look (imo) and I would call this one my ‘work wear’ look. I always reach for these trousers when I want to look like a professional business girl and they’re never done me wrong.

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