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How to Style a Chunky Fall Sweater

3 Days, 3 Ways with

Name: Cassie
Location: Montreal, Canada
Occupation: Community manager + customer success at sewing pattern company

Style Advice

I used to be a big purger of my clothes, recycling quite often. Now, if I feel I’m ready to give something up, I hold onto it a season or two longer and try to style it different ways. If it really doesn’t hold up from there, I pass it on.

Style IconS

Alexa Chung: The OG of cool girl style

Alexa Chung is my forever icon — the hold she had on me in the 2000s definitely left a mark.


I live around the corner from a church that hosts different markets on the weekend. I never know the schedule, I just walk past it to see if anything is going on. I had been having a bad day and I walked by the church and noticed a vintage market was on. I immediately saw this sweater being tried on by someone, so I lost hope and walked away. Later, I saw it sitting on the table, and when I went to grab it, someone else picked it up. Finally on my way out, someone set it down, and that’s when I walked over and purchased it. It’s so chunky and warm I didn’t think I would get much use out of it, but I’ve found interesting ways of styling it.

Look One

Fashion Friendships

I bought this sweater imagining it with my Paloma wool friendship pants and these chunky poppy barley boots. I knew they would all be graphic together, but blocked well and still neutral enough that it didn’t feel too out of my comfort zone.

Look Two

Cassie’s Go-To

Black thrifted jeans, chunky thrifted boots and a second hand bomber. This is a pretty standard look for me and one I can put together in my sleep! Still, it’s the kind of outfit that feels very much like me and super comfy to wear.

Look Three

Cozy Elegant Casual

I’ll admit that this felt a little different for me, mostly because it was fall and I was a) bare legged and b) not wearing a coat. But the layers were working and when I left my house for French class that day, I felt elegant and put together in a way that I’m not used to!

See more amazing styles by Cassie:

Instagram: @makingcassie
Tiktok: @makingcassie
Youtube: @makingcassie

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