How to Style a Studded Vest

How to style a studded vest 3 days 3 ways

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Name: Mary O’Keefe
Location: Boston, USA
Occupation: Classical Musician, Model + Wardrobe Stylist

Style Advice

Don’t just be yourself- be all versions of yourself. I have so many clients who are limited by what they think they can pull off, instead of embracing the many flavors and styles they enjoy. Thrifting is the best way to experiment with new pieces, and you can always slide in my DMs for some fashion advice if you get stuck. Also- sign up for your local thrift store email list so you don’t miss out on sales and discounts!

Style IconS

Style icons Peter Do, Lisa Jarvis, Jazzelle Zanaughtti
From left: Model wears Peter Do collection LFW SS23, Lisa Jarvis, Jazzelle Zanaughtti

Currently drooling over Peter Do (designer), Lisa Jarvis (stylist), Jazzelle Zanaughtti (model/style icon), and all of my thriftstagram friends who deserve a massive shoutout.

close-up on studded vest


I’m chronically indecisive, so I let my followers decide! I’m known for my statement pieces, so I picked four loud pieces that I knew would be a personal challenge. This studded vest was the clear and immediate winner- I hope I made y’all proud.

Look One: work

how to style a studded vest for work

White button up shirt dress, black leather tennis skirt, studded vest, bolo tie, chunky heeled boots.

I wore this first outfit to work at an office job, where I love exploring the definition of ‘workwear’. I’m determined to fight against the current American tradition of professional and appropriate attire. Peter Do is a major influence here, with tailored lines stacked to build a surprising silhouette. I love adding bulk to feminine pieces, like layering the flared tennis skirt over the shirtdress or in the wide shoulder of this vest.

Look Two: ballet

How to style a studded vest for balletcore style

Tulle skirt worn as a dress, statement necklace turned into a choker, studded vest, platform boots, triangle-shaped purse

I view every event as a chance to dress up, and this weekend I had tickets to the ballet. One of my favorite outfit recipes begins with a stark contrast, and this look is based on a mixture of soft and hard elements. The tulle of the dress compliments the bulk of the vest and platform boots, and the necklace ties in the color of the skirt to the metal work on the vest and boots. I love to get creative with my clothes and explore their flexibility, like pulling up this long skirt to create a dress to show off the boot, or adjusting the clasp of this necklace to make a dramatic choker. There are no rules in fashion!

Look Three: photoshoot

How to style a studded vest for a photoshoot

Leather chaps, faux leather tank top, cropped short sleeve, studded vest, platform boots

As a model and stylist, I’m lucky that I get to play dress up regularly. This is an outfit I’m workshopping for an upcoming shoot, and one that I would absolutely wear out to a bar afterwards for a celebratory drink (with maybe a bit more coverage). The vest and chaps were a match made in heaven, so I built the rest of the outfit to firm

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