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How to Style a Vintage “Everyday” Dress

3 Days, 3 Ways with Norbyah

“Dress up. Don’t wait for a special occasion, make the occasion special. ”

— Norbyah

Name: Norbyah Valasco
 Hong Kong
Occupation: HS Teacher
Style Secret/Advice: Be daring, don’t play it safe. Put things together that you think may not match but you feel like styling together because you want to (ie. wear sneakers with fancy dresses). I spent too much of my life playing it safe or conforming to what I thought society’s expectations were of me. Now I just have fun. I say dress up. Don’t wait for a special occasion, make the occasion special.


Style Icons: Iris Apfel, first and foremost. Diane Keaton, love her. And lately, Harry Styles…wow.

The garment: I thrifted this vintage dress at my one of my local spots called Mee & Gee. It’s known for having a good selection of deadstock Japanese and Korean vintage dresses. I don’t buy vintage as much anymore because I want to make sure my garments get worn. I really loved this for its color. Saturated color is a trend for fall that I’m excited about.


Look One – Dressed for Dinner



Dressed up for a date with my hubby. For this look, I decided to let the dress be the centerpiece. A gold chain belt from @papalovevintage adorns it nicely without taking away from it’s uniqueness. Black Miu Miu heels (not shown) were thrifted at a Salvation Army in Stanley Market (now closed) and the beaded purse is vintage from Etsy. The beaded headband is fast fashion and the earrings I made from leftover beads after a pair of earrings went missing (I lost the partner and was left with only one so I repurposed the earring using evil eye beads found at the bead market).


Look Two – School Days



Dressed for a day at school on the job. I layered an Isabel Marant blouse (swapped from a friend) underneath for a print because I LOVE prints! Platform sandals bring a 90s vibe to this look along with some bejewelled Zigi & Marais reading glasses and thrifted turquoise earrings. This feels like a very typical type of vintage outfit for my job as a teacher.


Look 3 – Lunch with Friends



Lunch with friends. For this look I reimagined this dress as a duster unbuttoned over a swapped tube top and high waisted Levi’s jeans and Doc Marten combat boots. Anymore, my shoes must be investment pieces because they stay with me for a long time. I need to know that I’ll get a lot of wear out of them and when they’re “sensible” I know I will.

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–Oliver Sackett

You asked, and we listened! You said you wanted more style inspo of real people showing how they wear a garment in multiple ways. We’ll be doing this for you at least twice a month –if not more– and if you’re interested in being featured you can DM us on Instagram or reach out to me directly

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