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How to Style a Vintage Eyelet Vest

3 Days, 3 Ways with
Janessa Acuna

Name: Janessa Acuna
Location: San Diego, California
Occupation: Content Creator

Personal Style Advice: Experiment. Mix different aesthetics into your outfit. Be playful and just have fun with fashion. You don’t have to fit into one category of fashion because anyone should be able to wear any style of clothing they like. Maybe even disrupt the fashion space, and don’t follow the “fashion rules”. If you love your style, and you are confident in what you wear, then who cares what people think. Personally, I love to juxtapose my outfits by adding something sporty to a feminine look (i.e. sneakers with a dress), or by adding something preppy to a streetwear look (i.e. loafers with a cargo skirt).

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Bella Hadid

Why I picked this Vest to style

The piece I chose is a vintage eyelet vest from my mom’s closet. The best sustainable pieces I own are hand-me-downs and, of course, vintage!! To me, vests are a closet staple because they’re super versatile, and it’s easy to build an outfit around it. I have a whole collection of vests.

Look One

A 70s Picnic

I think this look is perfect for a picnic date! The orange flared pants are what make the outfit look super 70s. To play along with the retro inspired look, I wore these wide framed sunglasses from @lunastone on Depop and a crochet bandana from @sienna_crochets on Instagram. I thought the green purse would be a great contrast to the orange pants. I also added a green cardigan (pictured in top photo) to the outfit for when it got chillier at the picnic. To match the black chain on the purse, I went for my black platform doc martens. I think the doc martens give a little bit of an edgy look to this soft and sweet outfit.

Look Two

Who doesn’t love a good white top and jean shorts??

This is my go-to outfit for when I’m running errands, hanging out with friends at the last minute, or just wanting to walk around the city/park. Although it is a basic outfit, I think it’s still fun because of the accessories and elevated basics. The crystal pendant is from Arcanum, crossbody bag is Kipling found on thredUP, belt is thrifted, shorts are from a fast fashion brand I’ve had for 4+ years, and the mary janes shoes are thrifted from a friend. This is my version of a white top and blue bottoms combo.

Look Three

“Want to grab coffee and go thrift shopping?” kinda outfit

Out of all the outfits, I think this one is closest to my personal style. I love the texture from the vest-top. I am obsessed with plaid because a classic-preppy look is my favorite aesthetic. To top it off, matching all my accessories (sunglasses, earrings, belt, bag, shoes) is a chef’s kiss in my eyes! White tank is from Glassons, jewelry is from Boma Jewelry, loafers are from Call It Spring, and everything else is thrifted or secondhand.

Find more of amazing styles by Janessa on:
Instagram: @janessacuna
Tiktok: @janessacuna

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