Imitation of Christ: Designed to Disrupt

Tara Subkoff’s Imitation of Christ has alot to say…

IOC is not a typical fashion brand. One of the first to take upcycling mainstream, last fall the collection was shown at St. Mark’s on the Bowery on dancers in a performance that was both joyous and poignant and even featured a Buddhist Monk.

A lot has changed in a year and not necessarily in a good way. Climate catastrophes are worse and women’s rights in the US have been stripped away. Tara decided to address both of these things in separate events.

Imitation of Christ SS23 Collection

Guns + Babies

I have had a recurring very visual nightmare since June 2022 when Roe vs Wade was revoked…I had to make art about it and create this image as I am terrified that this is what the future holds for women in this country unless we are able to speak out.

Tara Subkoff

Imitation of Christ’s SS23 collection is designed to disrupt. The collection explores the ever-increasing control of people’s bodies by those in power through visceral imagery and active protest, specifically in response to the overturning of Roe vs Wade.

This collection makes clear that recent political tumult is not to be taken lightly, and not to be received quietly. Featuring utilitarian garments and gas masks, the SS23 collection is a resistance of drastic social and political changes that lead to dire consequences.

Imitation of Christ’s NYFW Event

Fashion show outside of Senator Schumer’s apartment, Brooklyn, NY combined with protest against the dirty pipeline deal

Separate from the collection, instead of a traditional runway show Tara invited all to Brooklyn to a fashion protest “Oil is Death,” that targeted Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer for his dirty deal with Joe Manchin to build more oil pipelines. This brought a climate catwalk to Schumer’s doorstep, featuring garments that gavevisual form, shape, and illumination to the catastrophic consequences of increasing our reliance on fossil fuels. It is organized and presented in partnership with New York Communities for Change, a leading climate activist and community organizing group.

The “Oil is Death” fashion protest comes amid growing anger over the dirty deal between Schumer and Manchin: in exchange for Manchin supporting the Inflation Reduction Act, Schumer agreed to back Manchin’s legislation to expedite the construction of new oil pipelines.

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