Indie Boutiques to Check Out

Indie Boutiques

In combating fast fashion with slow fashion, independent online stores have emerged. These sites expose new talent to wider audiences and introduce a new mode of conscious consumption. It’s also a great way to get a custom one-of-a-kind piece! Here are some indie stores that are re-imagining fashion retail.


Cafe Forgot 


Vita Haas and Lucy Weisner founded Cafe Forgot in 2017 to share the works of emerging designers and host events for the fashion community. Pop-up shops and showrooms are held all over New York City, from Nolita to Midtown West. The spirit of Cafe Forgot is based on creative gathering and unique connections through the joy of dressing up.





“Let’s go to the mall” takes on a new meaning with the online retailer, MALL. Based in New York this indie boutique focuses on promoting young independent designers. MALL takes the idea of the American super-mall and flips it by exclusively stocking unique slow-fashion garments. What contemporary mall culture lacks is found in the DIY style at MALL.



APOC Store


APOC Store curates the aesthetic for the new generation of clothing. The shop stocks for designers from all over the world; from the British knitwear brand Kepler to the New York based jewelry makers at Beepy Bella. APOC Store sources new talent and new visions for the next era of conscious creation in fashion.





Based in Los Angeles Kathleen is a curatorial project finding fashion designers, artists and writers to support through their online retail platform. Kathleen takes on more than the role of a boutique and acts like an arts and craft marketplace for creatives to share their work. The store hosts workshops and events that have moved to digital locations in recent times.





According to the boutique’s website “Maimoun is derived from the Persian language word “meh-moun” meaning the company or guest(s) who are invited to visit your home for a gathering”. With this name, Maimoun welcomes shoppers to their carefully edited collection of garments and accessories. The pieces available are created with thoughtful intentions and focus on craft as construction.


–Julia Yi