It’s a whimsical summer: Craftcore fashion is having a moment

and here’s what you may not wanna miss from the trend

You may not have heard of it, but chances are, you’ve definitely seen it. Knit and crochet patterns, DIY projects, handmade jewelries, floral and garden embroideries… all things crafty, handwork-intensive, and even Etsy-ish, fall under the umbrella term of Craftcore. The name says itself – while “craft” means returning to old fashioned handmade projects that were a thing for our grandparents, the suffix “-core” should get you ready for the whimsical edge of this subculture style.

Intense pop of colors, unapologetic mix of saturated hues, odd strands of beads and lotta glitters: these are what gen-Z is down for this summer. From Emma Chamberlain to Dua Lipa and Bella Hadid, custom-made craftcore pieces are being embraced not only because of their hip, summery look, but also their uniqueness. Most accessories are handmade in small batches by young local designers, so no two items are the same. But they sell out fast. 

So keep an eye on these designers whose Instagrams are a literal craftcore universe. And pre-order for less overproduction. This summer, it’s crochet over Coachella.


Unique handmade jewelry

Originally emerged from Tik-tok craft trends, chunky colorful jewelries made from upcycled materials are here to stay this summer. They take the shape of the little things found in your home or garden – flowers, fruits, pins, buttons, gravel, and other items of your childhood nostalgia. Some, like this pair of ethereal earrings from Dauphinette, are even made of real flowers coated in eco-friendly resin.




































Whimsical crochet and knit tops

Despite how “granny” crochet and needlepoint might seem, these tops look like mosaics inspired by childhood crafts. The Series NY, a New York-based boutique that makes seasonless, genderless fashion from preexisting materials, have made-to-order cute, yummy-looking hand-crocheted tanks that can easily make your summer fit pop. If you fancy a preppier look or a vintage feel, check out Erika Maish who we recently featured and whose knit vest has been featured on Emma Chamberlain’s ig.
And let’s not forget about hand-knit tops that look like they were patched together with raw unraveling ends, abstract homespun acid washes, and tie-dyes. Although it may be a feat to put them on, you can tell how flattering and versatile these slinky and provocative knits can be just by their insane popularity.























Playful mini dresses

In case you hadn’t noticed, crochet and knits are not like tightly woven fabrics. So, craftcore tops aren’t about the conservative. And a dress takes it up a notch.

But you can totally layer these flirty, playful bespoke mini dresses with your favourite bralette. Or, you know, have the most fun.











“DIY” bags

I designed my own bag”. Yes, these net and tote bags that look like they were the results of those DIY decorating projects by you and your childhood friends, can actually let you get away with saying that.
“Embellished” with seashells, buttons, odd pearls and beads found in unattended corners of the house, this rising trend in personalized, home-sewn handbags is the antidote against the shoddy quality flushed out by fast fashion companies.














Bucket hats

Coming in multicolor, each meticulously threaded with a different needlepoint, crochet bucket hats have just got extra fun. Heather Brennan Evans even introduces bucket hats that used fabric scraps to create this patched-by-a-home-sewer look, which is in vogue right now. The zero-waste production makes each item a one-of-a-kind piece that tells its own story, and the ethics are just what we adore.











–Jacqueline Pham