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KES Just Dropped a Limited Edition Collab With Climate Activist/Artist Zaria Forman and You’ll Want It All

I’ll admit it. As much as I take care of and maintain my clothes, there comes a time when my closet needs a refresh. Microscopic holes are appearing in merino wool sweaters, jeans have been sashiko’ed beyond recognition and other items are simply worn out. And while the sales people at the RealReal in Brooklyn might seem like my BFFs, sometimes what I want is something new.

And coming out of two +/- years of social lock-down I am very specific in terms of what I’m looking for.

  1. I want things that are beautiful. Like stop-you-in-your-tracks beautiful.
  2. The designer, like a doctor, must be committed to the idea: First do no harm. In this case to the planet or people.
  3. The clothes need to be comfortable. While I am thrilled to give up my sweats and wish leggings outside of the gym would be banned, I am not interested in feeling constricted or uncomfortable.

Only three items on this list but it felt daunting. Friends suggested I be more realistic. Expect two out of three. No, I said. I want it all. And just like that, there it was: in this new KES X Zaria collection.

If you’re not familiar with KES, it’s a made in New York label of luxe separates that exude elegant simplicity. They use only natural fibers and employ a zero-waste strategy by taking cuttings from garments to create their signature Recycled Slip Dress. Any of their pieces would make a great addition to your wardrobe.

But the collab with artist Zaria Forman takes it to another level through the use of her prints on the fabric. Zaria is well known for her documentation of climate change through her drawings –often of icy landscapes in places like Antarctica and Arctic Canada. This work translates beautifully into textile design.

The collection features liquid garments shaped by prints, organic dyes and some sheer silhouettes. Some of the garments, made of biodegradable materials, are imprinted with Zaria’s pieces that hyper-realistically showcase melting icebergs and some inspired by Zaria’s artwork.

Like a capsule collection there are only 8 pieces. These range from a Kimono robe dipped in organic dyes to KES’s timeless silhouettes of slip dresses and (silk!) sweatpants. (See? Beauty, comfort and planet positive!)

Climate Activist/Artist Zaria Forman with Fashion Designer Lia Kes

“My desire to collaborate with Zaria’s is about merging the cause with art, fashion, femininity, beauty and essence.The whole project is an invigorating and powerful experience where the real value comes from the energy behind the process and not the commodity.” explains designer Lia Kes.

Check out the collection online or at the KES boutiques in NYC.

Learn more about Zaria Forman

–Katya Moorman

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