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Kina reviews thredUP Goody Box


Personal Stylist & Style Blogger Kina

reviews thredUP

I am a lover of secondhand finds and sustainable fashion. The thrill of the hunt to find amazing one of a kind pieces, fuels my fire to create the best outfits on a budget.

thredUP ads have been everywhere. Since thredUP is a secondhand phenomenon- my curiosity was sparked. When the opportunity presented itself- I couldn’t wait to partake in the experience.

My experience

If you know me I am not a shopper who digs around in a store. When I thrift, items pop out to me in which I search in sections, so I won’t drain myself out. When I initially went to the website, I must admit, it was overwhelming. It’s SO MUCH PRODUCT to look through. Not only was it tons of product, but I think the site runs a little slower than average due to the amount of product. Nevertheless, I made an account, browsed the site, and even “liked” my favorite things for reference.

There was a promo onsite for a $10 Goody box with secondhand items, so I went for the bait! I filled out the questionnaire to receive a Goody Box.

The process was seamless, and I answered all the questions provided, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that this was not going to go well. I instantly received a confirmation email and after that was bombarded with thredUP promos almost every day.

example of what was in the box

example of what was in the box

A week passes….no update. It’s going on week 2 and I still didn’t get any update on my Goody box. At this point, I’m concerned- therefore I email thredUP . thredUP replies with an auto-response to expect an ACTUAL response within 5 business days.

Hmmmm- now what? Well, we are in the age of social media. With that being said-I sent them a message in their DMs. I got a response instantly. Even responded with my tracking number. A day later, I received my email update and my anxiousness calmed down.

Fast-forward to later in the week when the box finally arrives. Time to face this Goody Box and all it has to offer. I open it up to find a bunch of items from J. Crew, Banana Republic, and Zara. The brands were correct per my taste, but the items chosen were not. These items were not my style. There was a chambray button down shirt and pair of trousers I would consider, but the items did not fit me.

This was a conservative box of tops, pants, and a dress. My style is the total opposite. My style consists of patterns, colors, and prints. Statement items are essential to my wardrobe and complete my looks. Even though I included these descriptions on my questionnaire, my box still came as is. The Goody boxes are a great idea and a good way for thredUP to utilize their resources. With a few adjustments to better understand each customer’s style, this could be an even better avenue for sustainable fashion.

Editor’s Note: Below are examples of Kina’s personal style. You can see more on her instagram

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