London Fashion Week SS22 –3

Because there’s so much to see at London Fashion Week SS22 – 3

but we’re not in London, we’re in Brooklyn. Still the number of brands there really tackling issues of sustainability are so much more than in the US. So we’re sharing some of our favorite brands from each day. These aren’t reviews so much as they are “ones worth watching”. Check out Part 1 and Part 2 of this series.



Anciela is a platform that celebrates Colombian culture and experimental tailoring. Founded by London based Fashion Designer Jennifer Droguett in 2019.

The brand believes in creating light-hearted clothing both functional and fun, where each garment becomes a part of a story that promotes a fresh Southamerican narrative showing Colombia’s rich history under a different light. Having a mindful approach towards design is at the core of the brand, “ we produce everything in London, reducing the environmental impact, ensuring good labour standards and delivering beautifully hand-crafted designs that are friendly to our planet”


Osman Yousefzada

Since launching his eponymous label in 2008, Osman Yousefzada has forged a niche in luxury womenswear with an intellectual approach to design. Designer and Artist, his work runs along the intersection of art and fashion, combining his multi-disciplinary design practice with a strong social commentary. An advocate for social sustainability, Yousefzada collections carry a balance of organic to Last Yards fabrics, enlist the expertise of Indian artisan communities; and is distinguished for his sculptural and architectural details to tailored pieces. Called upon to dress famous figures from the world of film, design, music and beyond, Osman Yousefzada proudly represents the empowerment of women, sustainable tailoring, diversity, inclusivity and champions the evolving BI/POC movement.


Eirinn Hayhow

Light, water, electricity, power. Rocks, minerals, energy, life. We are the Universe. All creation begins and ends the same way. All matter in this earth is connected. like stardust we grow.. we illuminate the darkness with our light .. as we dance the cosmic dance of life…

EIRINN HAYHOW presents CRYSTAL EARTH SS22. Influenced by the colours and patterns in rocks and crystals, she has created her own natural dyes from foraging local plants and berries, combines with carefully selected natural dye powders from around the world. She uses only salvaged and sustainable materials in production. EIRINN takes the viewer on a journey of enlightenment, combining science, philosophy and spirituality as she reconnects us with the earth.




MYNOK is a luxury womenswear and non gender sustainable label with a strong emotional identity. Named after designer Carmen Hidalgo’s late brother, the brand’s pieces aim to create a community of creative simplicity where conceptual storytelling works along a commercial viability.