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Loyal Footwear -the insanely stylish vegan brand


I woke up with an article in my inbox arguing for the end of more sustainable labels. There are too many already, we consume too much, etc etc. And I totally get it. But I also had an email for a Kickstarter for yes, a sustainable brand. And my excitement about this brand outweighed any argument that we shouldn’t have MORE. Because when something feels like a game changer it’s not more of the same, it’s significantly better. And Loyal Footwear is exactly that.

 What makes me excited about Loyal Footwear?

  • They offer 8 styles of comfortable vegan shoes for women that are really cute.

  • Their price point. On Kickstarter you can get a pair of shoes for $175 and boots for $195 -is way below a Stella McCartney and more fashionable than comparably priced brands.

  • They don’t just substitute some crappy toxic plastic in place of leather (as anti-vegan brands love to assert) Instead they use plant-based textiles such as Piñatex, recycled rubber, cork, ultrasuede linings with recycled fibers, and durable microfiber vegan leather.

  • Unlike your electronics they are designed to be repairable. When the time comes, just send your shoes back. By reviving your soles, you can significantly extend the shoe’s lifecycle.

  • The shoes are made to order, or made in small batches, and sold directly to the customer creating less waste.

  • Unlike literally 99% of all the shoes out there they are made in the USA – by a local group of women.

  • And did I mention they’re really really stylish and made to be super comfortable? Oh, and they come in silver Pinatex? LOVE!

Seriously, you would think I was being paid to write this. I swear I am not. And I rarely write about things on “fund me” sites and only if I believe in them. So trust me when I say I have no doubt that if you support Loyal Footwear’s Kickstarter you’ll have some gorgeous shoes…just in time for fashion week. Or back to school. Or Kimi and Paul’s wedding…



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