Made to Order Clothes by and for Millenials + Gen Z

5 young Designers Reviving Made to Order Custom Clothes

Have you ever imagined that perfect item for your wardrobe and then sighed realizing it doesn’t exist? Or you can’t find it in your size? How about getting it made especially for you? Sounds crazy? It’s not really! When we think about custom pieces we tend to think of impossibly expensive haute couture but having your clothes made-to-order was the norm in the world before industrialization led to the fast fashion nightmare we currently live in. But some young independent designers are reviving this practice and creating pieces that prioritize the individuality, creativity and integrity of custom made clothes. We’ve listed five of our favorite made-to-order custom clothes designer’s below. Check them out. Just be aware that all of these will take time to make so if it’s for a special occasion plan ahead!


Masa Toro -Cutely subversive knitwear

Candy colored and super cute made-to-order custom knitwear by Masa Toro

Candy colored and super cute made-to-order custom knitwear by Masa Toro

Masa Toro is a college student hand knitting and tufting clothes that look like they came straight out of a children’s book. Inspired by Japanese pop culture visual culture she uses motifs that bring her joy such as bunnies, pixelated hearts, strawberries and even tamagotchi characters. She knits sweaters and vests with pictographic patterns and embellishes vintage finds with embroidery and tufted patches. Masa Toro has creative autonomy on her custom orders which lets her create a sweet and unique one of a kind garment.


Rachel Erin – Regal Custom Corset Tops

Rachel Erin’s corsets from deadstock and vitage are gorgeous

Rachel Erin’s corsets from deadstock and vitage are gorgeous

“Corsets were never a torture device” is the mantra of Rachel Erin’s craft in emulating soft regality in her custom order corset tops. Rachel Erin’s dedication to capturing the essence of vintage charm is seen in her choice to source antique and deadstock fabrics for her garments. Aside from her commissioned corsets she is studying the construction of intimate apparel such as lingerie, nightgowns and other kinds of garments we hope to see her explore in her custom order business.


Natalia Trevino Amaro – Designs Made for you


Hosting her own YouTube channel where she shares her journey as a young designer, Natalia Trevino Amaro is emphasizing the intimacy of garment making. Her audience and clients know who is making the clothes they will wear and can understand the process from idea to product. The seamstress as someone not far removed from the consumer is key in Amaro’s design identity. She offers custom orders for any kind of garment from day dresses to bridal gowns. From casual to formal, Natalia Trevino Amaro shows that custom orders are not just for haute couture and art house.


Cat Crandall Duffy –Our Fave Crochet Queen


Crandall Duffy is owned by Maine based designer Cat Crandall Duffy and follows her family practice of crochet passed down by generations of matriarchs. Crandall Duffy sources responsibly by using deadstock, secondhand and eco-friendly yarns for her hand crocheted accessories and garments. The shop include tops, dresses, head scarves, and custom orders of replicated existing designs or unique ideas the client envisions while Cat executes.


Rosie Evans – Fantasy inspired Corsets


The whimsy and play of folk aesthetics are embedded in Rosie Evan’s work. She calls herself a high fantasy designer which rings true in the way her garments could belong to a Renaissance woodland fairy. Her corsets are made of recycled and vintage fabrics causing limited availability for the same design. Rosie Evans is a one-woman brand that emphasizes the act of craft and patience. For Rosie Evans the fleeting nature of vintage textiles brings excitement and anticipation with her designs while reminding us of traditional garment sewing.

–Julia Yi