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Masks Off, Lips On! Our favorite lip color to wear now

Our Low Waste, Clean Beauty Picks for Luscious Lips

As face mask requirements lift and become more lenient, we are all slowly adjusting to a new normal once again. This new ‘normal’ touches more than just our leaving-the-house essentials: changes are infiltrating our beauty routines, as lips have been hidden under masks for so long, we might have forgotten how that burst of confidence feels when putting on the perfect red lip. (although we still love our zero waste eyeshadows as well!) Whether you are slowly building up the comfortability level to go to the grocery store mask-free, or eager to resume mask-free ordinary life, lipstick is back in the game. What better time to experiment with zero-waste pops of color than right now, as our lips are making their grand debut to the world after being in hiding for so many months?



Bee You Organics Lip & Cheek Tint—Crimson Coral Paradise

Starting off strong, this bright coral lip tint is perfect for summer, and can multitask as a cream blush for a monochromatic look. Bee You Organics makes these tints with a USDA-certified organic and plant-based formula, and packages them in paperboard push tubes, which are zero waste and 100% compostable. Plus, their entire shop is 100% plastic free, so definitely a boutique to check out.


Kjaer Weis Refillable Lip Tint compact—Bright Fuschia

If blue-toned fuchsia is your thing, try out Kjaer Weis’s bright fuschia lip tint. This one comes in a singular metal pan, and Kjaer Weis also sells a compact that you can refill with different shades to try. Refillable compacts are great in the sustainability department, since less material production does wonders in reducing plastic cosmetic waste. These lip tints come in a wide range of pinks, reds, and nudes, but this fuschia color definitely stands out as a bold one to try.


Clean Faced Cosmetics Vegan Lipstick—True Red

Clean Faced Cosmetics makes an emphasis on moving towards plastic-free sustainability, and this classic red lipstick is a great place to start. Nothing says bold like a bright red lipstick, and Clean Faced Cosmetic provides a budget-friendly, zero-waste alternative with this metal pan lipstick. This product has countless positive reviews, and could be a great new addition to your collection.


Meow Meow Tweet Lip-To-Lid Balmis—Clementine Nude 

Meow Meow Tweet makes an emphasis that these vegan color balm sticks are technically usable on any part of your body, but recommended for eyes, lips, and cheeks. If the versatility of this product hasn’t sold you already, their shade range includes beautiful brown and nude-based shades that can make every skin tone pop. The balmies include no plastic packaging, as they are simply wrapped in paper and wrapped up in a recyclable carrying case made from trash by a women’s co-op in Bali. The shade called clementine is a peachy mid-tone nude that makes for the perfect neutral hue.


Plant Makeup Strawberry Lip Tint—Strawberry Pink 

Plant Makeup makes these strawberry lip tints from purveyed certified organic raw strawberries and 100% natural plant based ingredients, plus zero waste packaging. This lip tint includes shea butter and beeswax, so your lips will be nourished and soft with a pop of strawberry color. Plant makeup also has several other unique plant-based lip products that are worth checking out.


Clean Faced Cosmetics Vegan Lipstick—Blue

Okay—hear us out on this one: blue lipstick. If you have ever had the urge to experiment with a blue lip look, now is the time to go bold. Another fabulous product by Clean Faced Cosmetics, this lipstick is colored with organic blue spirulina that makes for a beautiful, vibrant deep blue shade worth experimenting with. A great way to leap out of your comfort zone—sustainably, of course.


Botica Botanica Natural Lip & Cheek Tint—Wildflower Deep Mauve

Botica Botanica packs these lip and cheek tints with tons of skin-happy ingredients, like vitamin E rich argan oil, raw coconut oil and shea butter, beeswax, and Oregon-grown lavender essential oil, so your pout feels as good as it looks. This shade is a deep mauve color that Botica Botanica describes as “like rubbing Echinacea purpurea and wild rose petals onto your lips and cheeks,” making for a shade as dreamy as it feels on the lips.


As we are all eager to up our beauty game as masks come off, it is still important to keep mindful of the environment when shopping for cosmetics. By opting towards zero-waste, cruelty free and sustainable lip products, you can look fabulous while lowering your consumption footprint.

–Delilah Eby

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