One to Watch: Mia Vesper Fashion + Jewelry Designer

Emerging fashion designer Mia Vesper holding up a dress

Mia Vesper Fashion

Walking into a showroom appointment felt much like walking into office hours: rooms of different designers, all awaiting fresh eyes to set upon their latest collections. For Mia Vesper’s collection, her showroom was abuzz with raw creative energy, the feeling almost tangible with her wide array of pieces ranging from bold, vintage coats to gauzy dream-like dresses. In one corner stands her vintage collection, made from upcycled vintage tapestries and rugs, which stands in contrast to another rack, featuring the shimmering plissé collection.

4 models wearing fashion from Mia Vesper
Close up of textiles

 Expanding from vintage one-offs to an entire ready-to-wear collection was definitely a huge hurdle, but one that Mia executed gracefully. From working almost exclusively with vintage textiles, intentional choices were made in order to remain sustainable when transitioning to making ready-to-wear such as creating in small batches, made-to-order garments, and working almost exclusively direct to consumer. Mia Vesper also loves getting the most out of a piece of fabric as possible, evident in the plissé collection which was born out of her love for the fabric – the same one she used to create an iconic look for Beyoncé and her dancers in Black is King. This collection allows anyone to recreate the looks worn in the film, which spans from flirty minidresses to track pants to t-shirts.

Mia’s ability to turn a vintage tapestry or blanket into a one-off designer piece is truly a talent. “Usually when I buy a vintage textile, I know exactly what it has to be – it doesn’t want to be anything else,” she says explaining her creative process. Unique one-of-a-kind pieces may be her specialty, but Mia excels at putting together a collection based on eccentricity and how people dress – things hinge together just enough to make sense to the eye. Though her pieces can shine on their own individually, the wearability of each garment is what differentiates them from a simple vintage piece. From thick and sturdy textiles to dreamy fabrics, the close attention to how it fits and feels on the body is evident to anyone who wears a Mia Vesper garment.

image of Mia Vesper's colorful necklaces

Mia Vesper Jewelry

Recently, Mia has added jewelry designer to her skill set.
”My mom was an antiques dealer and I followed her to markers and estate sales throughout my childhood- usually I’d come back with a treasured jewel that she’d buy me for hours of my patience. After Collecting jewelry for years, it was time to imbue my favorite accessory with my own aesthetic.” she explained when asked what inspired her to design jewelry. “It’s also far more sustainable and takes up less room in my tiny nyc apartment than clothing inventory!” she added.

Model wearing Mia Vesper jewelry

Iinspired by antique Czech glass (often used for chandelier crystals), she incorporates carefully sourced glassware and precious stones into eye-catching statement necklaces. The kaleidoscope-like nature of the pieces makes for a whimsical feel that can be worn either as a bold piece for an event, or incorporated into everyday wear.

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–Christina Hara

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