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Online Vintage Guide – the 1960s and early ’70s


10 Etsy shops to score great ‘60s vintage

From Swinging Sixties to a Touch of Psychedelia ‘70s these shops have you covered.


The 1960s was a pivotal era for the fashion world. When we think of it, a very clear image of what people wore pops into our heads. Skirts were shorter, colors were brighter, and tie-dye and go-go boots were everywhere.

 We’re back with more ways to build your vintage collection, and this time we’re diving into the ‘60s, with a touch of the early ‘70s! If the styles of Twiggy, Brigitte Bardot, or Audrey Hepburn have always stood out to you, these vintage shops on Etsy will help you create the ‘60s looks you’ve always admired.

A light blue trench coat perfect for spring

A light blue trench coat perfect for spring

Alarm Vintage

With pieces from the ‘50s all the way through the ‘90s, Alarm Vintage has a great selection of vintage dresses, shirts, and even swimsuits. Whether you love bright-colored patterned dresses or just want a simple jacket in a solid color, this Florida-based shop has you covered. Check out this beautiful light blue Mod trench coat, perfect for the spring!

Shop Alarm Vintage


The Thrill Vintage

With the description “Femme Vintage for Clowns and Witches,” The Thrill Vintage has tons of eye-catching pieces. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, they feature a variety of staple pieces perfect for mixing with bright colors and patterns. Among their vintage from several different eras, they even feature a small selection of wedding dresses. Here we have two very contrasting pieces from The Thrill:

a navy and white minidress by I Magnin and
a pair of adorable dusty pink wide-leg trousers!

Shop The Thrill Vintage



Sunday In Savannah

Sunday In Savannah is a shop based in – you guessed it – Savannah, Georgia. A bit on the darker colored side, this shop has a lot to choose from, from sweaters to baby clothes to swimwear. This bright yellow and orange, classically ‘60s vintage top and pants set will make you a groovy summer standout!

Shop Sunday in Savannah


4 The Love of Vintage

This adorable shop based in Connecticut has plenty of vintage clothing, but emphasizes their collection of fascinating and sometimes obscure vintage accessories, from brooches to kitchenware to even a vintage ‘70s food scale! 4 The Love of Vintage is very unique in this way, and definitely your destination for finishing touches to your vintage look.

This green sleeveless ‘60s daisy dress is a breath of fresh air, and can be dressed up or down. Having friends over for a springtime tea party? These ‘60s flower power mugs are just perfect!

Shop 4 The Love of Vintage


Opalescent stiped blouse

Opalescent stiped blouse

Moon Dove Vintage

Our second Florida-based shop, Moon Dove Vintage is a ‘60s through ‘90s dream. Primarily featuring patterned pieces, this shop can be explored year round for a more Bohemian edge to your vintage wardrobe.

This gorgeous opalescent ‘60s rainbow blouse can be paired with any color pants, shorts, or skirt for a shiny daytime look.

Shop Moon Dove Vintage



A true ‘50s find: a black and white dress with lace trim


A true ‘50s find: a black and white dress with lace trim

Vetted Vintage Wares

A little more on the ‘70s side but still a great source for ‘60s through ‘90s vintage, Vetted Vintage Wares has incredible pieces to choose from. Their collection of band tees and vintage Zodiac tees are perfect for a more casual look, and their patterned blouses and skirts will be the highlight of your dressier looks.

Check out one of their Zodiac tees (happy Aquarius season!)

Shop Vetted Vintage Wares


Minidress in a harlequin print. Sz 14-16

Minidress in a harlequin print. Sz 14-16

Capricorn Vintage

Capricorn Vintage carries a large collection of very classy pieces, dating all the way back to the ‘20s. Need some simple, neutral-colored dresses or blazer and skirt sets for work? This shop is your new heaven. Even amongst these classier pieces, Capricorn Vintage still features a cute little party dress here and there.

Like this charming vintage cocktail dress in a neat “curve harlequin” print. The colors are lovely in shades of brown, gray and yellow gold with white. I love the little rhinestone accent at the fold over collar and the fun & chic print!

Shop Capricorn Vintage


A color blocked custom made ‘50s style dress

A color blocked custom made ‘50s style dress

Historically Patterns

Based in Virginia, this shop sells lovely vintage sewing patterns. These patterns are sorted by decade from pre-’20s all the way to the 2000s. If you’re a beginner on your sewing machine like I am, you can even search for “easy” patterns within the entire shop.

Check out this cute multicolored ‘70s pattern, perfect for mixing and matching for multiple looks!

Shop Historically Patterns


Jane Doe’s Vintage

Another shop selling sewing patterns as well as vintage fabric, Jane Doe’s Vintage carries a variety of unique choices, with emphasis on the ‘50s, ‘60s, and ‘70s. If you’re a lover of florals, plaid, or lace, you’ll love it here. Explore this shop and follow a pattern, or make your own unique piece with vintage fabric.

We love this ‘70s Vogue Paris Jane Muir dress pattern, and this beautiful ‘60s pastel, European city-scape fabric would make an adorable dress or skirt!

Shop Jane Doe’s Vintage


Swinging Chicks Shop

Finally, we have a shop specializing in vintage-inspired pieces! Swinging Chicks Shop rings very true to the swinging ‘60s, with dresses inspired by Audrey Hepburn and Twiggy. They also carry tons of accessories, such as adorable vintage-inspired sheer socks, with many patterns to choose from. To really bring a vintage touch to 2021, Swinging Chicks even carries vintage-inspired patterned face masks.

This Mod-inspired ‘60s Mondrian pop art dress is perfect for the spring, and if it’s a little chilly out, throw some Twiggy-inspired colored tights on with it!

Shop Swinging Chicks Shop

– Grace Potter

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