6 of No Kill’s Favorite Sustainable Boots and Booties for this Season

Fall is upon us and for us at No Kill that means it is time to think about our boots collection!
Here is the list of our favorite boots and booties for this fall and winter! All the boots on this list are sourced from brands that prioritize sustainability and ethics in their items!
Our list is organized from least to most expensive, featuring a range of practical and fashionable options. So be sure to check it out before expanding your footwear collection!

Nae Vegan’s Paula Green Vegan Ankle Boot

These beautiful, heeled booties are currently on sale for only $69, so add them to your cart while you still can! The Paula Green boots are made with a vegan velvet material and a breathable microfiber. They are the perfect fall colors and totally versatile, whether you are going to work or a night out!

As made obvious by the brand’s name, Nae Vegan Shoes is an 100% vegan footwear company! In fact, Nae stands for ‘No Animal Exploitation’; their mission is to propose an animal-friendly and ecological alternative against human exploitation, which aligns perfectly with ours here at No Kill! In the construction of their amazing footwear, the brand uses only natural, recycled, and synthetic materials ensuring a much smaller environmental impact. They have a wide range of sustainable footwear for men and women.


 Coconuts By Matisse’s Duo Western Boot

If you are a cowboy boots lover, these are the boots for you! The Duo Western Boots in the Coconuts collection by Matisse are super fashionable and affordable; they are being sold on the Matisse website for $100. The boots are cruelty free, artisan-made with synthetic leather. The iconic black-and-white color combination makes the Duo Western Boots perfect for any outfit!

The Coconuts collection by Matisse was created to make Matisse footwear for accessible. Coconuts is affordable, on-trend, and includes many vegan options, like the Duo Western Boot! The line’s products are not mass-produced but rather crafted by artisans, so all the shoes are unique and sustainable!


Will’s Vegan Store’s 4 Strap Biker Boot

At $128, these biker boots are a great, ethical, and affordable option! These boots are certified carbon neutral and are even delivered through a carbon neutral supply chain. Additionally, they are created with Italian vegan leather made from plants and bio-oil. The 4 Strap Biker Boots are comfortable and stylish so make sure to check them out!

Will’s Vegan Store is another great place to find ethical vegan footwear, and they also have clothing! The brand’s philosophy is all about how making positive choices, like buying vegan products, can lead to positive change. Will’s Vegan Store only uses vegan materials from the uppers and linings in their clothing to the glue used for construction! They prioritize ethics and sustainability in all their products and support others to do the same.


 Alohas’ West Vegan Grey Boot

If you have been searching for an elegant pair of ankle boots for this fall, look no further because these West Vegan Grey Boots are the ultimate shoes to add to your closet! The wooden-effect block heel and square toe sets them apart from any other ankle boot. The West Boot is part of Alohas’ s VEGAN vegan shoe collection, so there is no need to worry about animal cruelty! These hand-made wear-with-anything boots are listed at $237.

Alohas has become quite a popular brand recently; you may have seen them on Instagram! No Kill is a huge supporter of their SVEGAN collection. This collection by Alohas works on an on-demand basis, meaning the brand holds off on production until customers have placed their orders; helps the brand to avoid any overproduction at the end of every product cycle! The shoes in the collection, ranging from sandals to boots, are all 100% vegan in support of animal rights and sustainability.


Rafa’s Sock Boot in Sapphire

Introducing the ultimate sock boot: not only are these boots made for comfort with a double-lined foam insole, but their fun and unique color make them one of a kind! The Rafa Sock Boot in Sapphire is hand-made in the U.S. using vegan and recycled textiles. The brand, Rafa, aims to create pieces that transcend trends, so the $300 boot is definitely a worthy investment!

Rafa is a women’s luxury footwear collection based in Los Angeles, California. All of Rafa’s shoes are designed and handcrafted by a talented group of 20 artisans. The brand is 100% committed to the use of local craftmanship and quality materials. In addition to their practice of social responsibility and ethics, Rafa is extremely passionate about the environment and sustainability. The brand and their group of 20 artisans solely use eco-friendly, vegan materials and sustainable processes in the design and creation of every single one of their products.


 Stella McCartney x Hunter Boots

Created by a brand collab we didn’t know we needed, these boots are the quintessential stylish, yet practical (and sustainable) rainboots! These fully waterproof and certified vegan boots can be found on the Stella McCartney website for $475. As the queen of sustainable fashion (footwear included), Stella McCartney, in collaboration with Hunter Boots, used natural rubber sourced from sustainably managed, certified forests in Guatemala to create these boots. Additionally, instead of traditional neoprene, the stretch sock insert for these boots is made from Yulex, a material that generates 80% less climate-altering carbon dioxide!

If you are a No Kill reader or a sustainable fashion fan, chances are you are familiar with Stella McCartney. But, maybe you are not aware of Hunter’s Hunter Protect program. This sustainability program, established in August 2021, employed by Hunter includes 7 pledges, 3 ‘Protect Pillars’ and their own sustainability manifesto!

If these 6 boots and booties are not your style, listed below are 3 more ethical and sustainable brands for boots that we love.

Brand: Beyond Skin
Price: $$

Brand: Cocolico
Price: $$$

Brand: Nisolo
Price: $$

If you start to panic about your lack of boots as the weather gets colder, just check out this list and remember to shop with sustainability, ethics and animal rights (especially with leather) in mind!

–Carolina McCormick