Our Gift Guide from Giving Tuesday


we featured entrepreneurs doing great work. We think their products would make amazing gifts too!



Cheeky Pleated Mask

This mask is made from recovered text waste by FABSCRAP Featured Artist, Tom’s Sons International Pleating. Tom’s Sons is a family-owned business based in NYC’s Garment Center district since 1931. The outer shell is a beautiful pleated silk charmeuse in a golden topaz color with fused interlining layer, with a backside lining of 100% cotton.

Alternatively if you have someone who is a designer/creative you can get them a gift card for fabric –online or in store!




Thank You Tote Bag with Pockets

This custom art is printed on a spacious tote bag made from 100% Organic Cotton. It has 6 pocket compartments for organization and to prevent spills. Made from heavy duty canvas, this is a sturdy bag for all your groceries.

Precycle also has in-store gift vouchers for an additional gift.



PAGE Magazine

Print Copy

This up-and-coming sustainable fashion magazine will have print copies, but only made to order. For those who miss flipping through the physical pages, this environmentally conscious magazine can make a great gift.



Lighthouse BK

Gift Card

For the Brooklyn foodies! Gift cards are redeemable at both the Brooklyn restaurant and their sister store, Lighthouse Outpost, located in Nolita.




Window Solar Charger

This solar panel is super easy to install (just suction cup it to your window) and it charges all your devices with the power of the sun. The wooden design is clean and stylish, with a clear center to see the technology within.



Zero Waste Daniel

ZWD Mixed Print Striped ‘ReRoll’ Pullover Hoodie

This classic pullover hoodie is made 100% from design room scraps saved from entering landfills. The stripe across the front chest is unique and no two hoodies are exactly alike.