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READ: I’m Trying to Tell You I’m Sorry: An Intimacy Triptych by Nina Boutsikaris


Nina Boutsikaris is a creative nonfiction writer whose essays have appeared in Brevity, Entropy, Fourth Genre, Third Coast, Hobart, the Los Angeles Review, the Mid-American Review, and Redivider, just to name a few. Her memoir ‘I’m Trying to Tell You I’m Sorry’ will immerse you within Boutsikaris’ experiences, leaving you to wonder about your own that may even be uncomfortably similar. Exploring the male gaze, she uses theory to explore her own encounters, desires, and decisions. This is a quick but beautiful read that uses absorbing prose that creates a powerful voice of female sexuality and being.

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WATCH: Blank City

This documentary by Celine Danhier takes a look at the untouchable No Wave scene of the late ‘70s in what was the dangerous Alphabet City of Manhattan. Beginning with what led to the creation of the subculture–things like the underground music scene, popularity of CBGBs, and the decay of the city– the documentary interviews directors, artists, and musicians of the time, to explore what resulted of the  guerrilla-style movies that were being created with cheap Super 8 cameras and the bare minimum.

If you are interested in the too cool grit of New York City of the ‘70s & ‘80s, this is for you.

Watch New York underground icons like Lydia Lunch and Nick Zedd (and even people who made entire acting careers like Steve Buscemi) talk about their own experiences of the times in combination with the clips of films that might not be so easy to find now.

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LISTEN TO: Stemlines


We don’t think it will be long until Stemlines is completely on the come up, as their top song ‘iWANT’ can already be found on Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist. The Atlanta based musician released ‘U R Here’ last month, an effortlessly flowing album that they produced, mixed, mastered, and performed by themselves. In an Instagram post prior to the release, Stemlines expressed the meanings behind the project:

“ ‘U R HERE’ is my declaration of being more present in my life as it currently is instead of waiting for the right moment to exist, while also trusting that your intentions, passions, desires are leading you to “the right” place. Aaaand trusting your ability to discern what you know is “right” for you.”

Fitting in with the genre-bending sounds of hyperpop as an overall category, Stemlines created an album that unites elements of lo-fi and trance to beyond, with an alternative version of indie pop and even R&B coming through. It’s the eclectic range of it all that we love,  creating sounds of what we describe as an intoxicating mix of psychedelic serenity and electrifying dance music.

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–Leah Flannery