Paria Farzaneh Fall 2020 collection



A/W 2020

Although Paria Farzaneh was raised and lives in London she is of Iranian descent and the influence is seen in her use of traditional prints that were sourced in Isfahan –which is where the entire collection was hand-made in a sustainable fashion using natural dyes like saffron and turmeric. This nod towards heritage is mixed seamlessly with a contemporary streetwear aesthetic of oversized hoodies and track suits that is definitely London.

Her work becomes a reminder of what fashion at its best can do: it gives us a rich contextual relationship with ongoing cultural conversation about where one comes from and who one is. “In uncertain times, it’s good to have a moment of celebration, of calm,” she said. “It’s a time to come together, to remember where you come from. Even though I was born here [in England], I have been to Iran every year of my life. I feel I am doing them proud, speaking for them, and that’s important to me.”