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PH5 Resort 2025: A Story of Serpents, Sequins, and Exceptional Style

The iconic knitwear brand presents a collection that explores the metamorphosis of craft, design, and style through reimagined signature silhouettes that are rooted in responsible sourcing. 

Something we love about contemporary knitwear brand PH5 is designer Zoe Champion’s remarkable ability to consistently tell stories through garments. Their Resort 2025 collection is no exception. Rooted in themes of metamorphosis, creation, and continuity, the collection takes inspiration from the ouroboros. This is an Ancient Egyptian symbol depicting a circular serpent devouring its tail in an endless loop of destruction and rebirth.

Echoing the essence of the ouroboros, the PH5 Resort 2025 collection signifies the transformation of craft, design, and style, vividly portrayed in bright colors through reimagined iconic PH5 silhouettes. The collection features wavy, serpent-like motifs and abstract snake prints with sequin-knit fabrication. It infuses a sense of continuity as these classic PH5 silhouettes are transformed into alluring evening pieces. UV-reactive elements, a hallmark of previous collections, are further explored. The blending of mixed media and woven pieces adds a mesmerizing camouflaging effect.

Sustainability remains at the core of PH5’s mission. Over 90% of this collection is crafted from recycled and responsibly sourced materials. Much like the ouroboros, PH5 breathes new life and meaning into the lifecycle of a garment, celebrating the form and cyclical function of repurposed materials.

Below is the entire collection

–Sara Marsh

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