Pioneers of Change: Exclusive Interviews from No Kill Magazine’s 2023 Fashion + Culture Innovators

In no particular order, these are the interviews that you all loved in 2023

simon ungless

Simon has been in the world of fashion since perhaps before you were born. Starting with befriending and collaborating with a then unknown McQueen at CSM to running the fashion department at AAU…

simon ungless with alexander mcqueen

clare press

In this exclusive interview, Clare discusses her evolution from Vogue writer to podcaster, how the fashion industry can become more responsible, and how readers can join her in consuming more consciously.

clare press

Amanda McCarty

Between their personal experience in the fashion industry along with talking weekly to other experts Amanda starts the conversations that we all want to be a part of…

amanda mccarty of clotheshorse podcast

Rahemur Rahman

If the aim of you making clothes is at the cost to communities like mine, or the Black experience or from across Asia, surely there are other ways around it than creating these collections.

rahemur rahman activist, fashion designer, film maker

Jess Natale

I think the most impactful moments have been working with families and people who are directly impacted by what goes on in this country.

jess natale of so.informed

Kendall Ross

…when a man calls it a craft, I think, Are you saying that because you’ve placed it below what you consider art? So at some point, I made a conscious choice to stop calling it craft.

kendall ross of i'd knit that

Ilana Winterstein

“We worked with the Yes Men, who are professional prankster activists. We have been working with them for some time on how to draw public attention to this issue. To really pin adidas down. And when adidas announced a new CEO, we thought, okay, what would be a radical change? We asked ourselves: What could they do? What would be a utopian vision, and what would we want adidas to do if they were the ethical leaders they position themselves as?” 

ilana winterstein protestting

paula keilholz and Isabell Schnalle

aka threads + tits and in conjunction with the Clean Clothes Campaign (see Ilana above)

–our favorite fashion moment this season came during Berlin fashion week at an Adidas show…that wasn’t actually Adidas! Meet the designers…

Vanessa Barboni Hallik, Founder/CEO of Another Tomorrow

you know, we have to get this right. And so, on the days that feel really hard, you look at who’s inheriting this planet from us…

vanessa barboni hallik of ANOTHER TOMORROW

Alec Smith | spectre hos

I was focused on the representation and the semiotics of genders. I explored what is considered masculine, what is considered feminine, and what we inherently decide as queer.

Nergiz de Baere

Imagine getting the most up-to-date info about climate + feminism in one online hub.