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READ: Decolonizing Fashion, an Essay by Aditi Mayer

We want to highlight a specific piece from one of our Fashion Influencers according to NoKill, Aditi Mayer, the sustainable fashion blogger, activist, and photojournalist. In this essay on Decolonizing Fashion, Aditi Mayer briefly breaks down decolonization and colonial practices. Anyone can see the fashion industry is a major example of this type of unequal exchange. She thinks through her own relationship with nature and new understandings of sustainability, being sustainability as unlearning and as a means for decolonization. The essay ends in a look at the future of fashion and how decolonization would look in practice. The ideas Aditi Mayer presents, including her own personal experience are helpful to understand the role decolonization plays in the sustainable fashion movement and even your own understanding of aspects of sustainability you may not be always thinking about.

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WATCH:  Compost by Nate and Hila (feat. DiorNoel) – A Portrait of the NYC Composting Community

“Compost”, the new single from eco-rappers Nate and Hila, breaks down how we can recycle our organic waste, and why it is so important for the future of our communities and our planet. The song also features a guest appearance from Bronx rapper, compost master, and activist Dior Noel.

The music video documents New York City’s vibrant, but currently threatened, compost scene, showcasing community compost sites across the five boroughs. The NYC compost program has recently been defunded and some of its most crucial sites are being evicted. This compost anthem responds to that crisis, and provides a catchy, warm-hearted introduction to the fundamentals of transforming food scraps into soil.

Nate and Hila are an artistic duo creating music videos and live shows about environmental philosophy and social justice. They’re based in NYC, and are the resident rappers at Brooklyn’s House of Yes. 2020 saw the debut of their original live show Naughty for Nature, a musical exploration of the sexual behavior of animals, which received write-ups in Billboard and Sierra Club Magazine. READ our interview with them here.

Where to find them:
Instagram: @nateandhila
TikTok: @nateandhila

In addition- check out NoKill’s Guide to Composting!



LISTEN TO: World is Burning Podcast

The world is burning and we should all give a crap!

Each episode tells environmental stories from the climate crisis in an engaging and easy-to-understand way. Topics range from the environmental impacts of musicians touring, with Harry Styles’ first solo being a case study (one of our fav episodes!) to issues like food deserts and the potential solution of food forests.

World is Burning is hosted by Elise Nye and Olivia Hamilton, two friends from college who both studied music business. Feeling like they didn’t learn about the environment in school in ways that weren’t overwhelmingly scientific or suspiciously corporate, they have created a podcast that creates space to talk about environmental sustainability in a way that is fun and accessible for everyone. The stories they cover from the climate crisis will keep you up to date on current climate events as well as well as history you may not have known before!

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Find them on Instagram and on their website!

–Leah Flannery