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Read: All We Can Save by Ayana Elizabeth Johnson & Katharine K Wilkinson

Newsflash: The fight against climate change is being led by women. If you are on this site, you know that’s hardly news and our use of newsflash was uh…a wee sarcastic. And it’s not just Greta –though God bless her– there are many women of all ages and ethnicities at the forefront of this issue.

Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson & Katharine K. Wilkinson have created a rich and engaging compilation of voices from scientists to farmers to designers sharing their ideas of how we can create change.

From the publisher:
Intermixing essays with poetry and art, this book is both a balm and a guide for knowing and holding what has been done to the world, while bolstering our resolve never to give up on one another or our collective future. We must summon truth, courage, and solutions to turn away from the brink and toward life-giving possibility. Curated by two climate leaders, the book is a collection and celebration of visionaries who are leading us on a path toward all we can save.

With essays and poems by:
Emily Atkin – Xiye Bastida – Ellen Bass – Colette Pichon Battle – Jainey K. Bavishi – Janine Benyus – adrienne maree brown – Régine Clément – Abigail Dillen – Camille T. Dungy – Rhiana Gunn-Wright – Joy Harjo – Katharine Hayhoe – Mary Annaïse Heglar – Jane Hirshfield – Mary Anne Hitt – Ailish Hopper – Tara Houska, Zhaabowekwe – Emily N. Johnston – Joan Naviyuk Kane – Naomi Klein – Kate Knuth – Ada Limón – Louise Maher-Johnson – Kate Marvel – Gina McCarthy – Anne Haven McDonnell – Sarah Miller – Sherri Mitchell, Weh’na Ha’mu Kwasset – Susanne C. Moser – Lynna Odel – Sharon Olds – Mary Oliver – Kate Orff – Jacqui Patterson – Leah Penniman – Catherine Pierce – Marge Piercy – Kendra Pierre-Louis – Varshini – Prakash – Janisse Ray – Christine E. Nieves Rodriguez – Favianna Rodriguez – Cameron Russell – Ash Sanders – Judith D. Schwartz – Patricia Smith – Emily Stengel – Sarah Stillman – Leah Cardamore Stokes – Amanda Sturgeon – Maggie Thomas – Heather McTeer Toney – Alexandria Villaseñor – Alice Walker – Amy Westervelt – Jane Zelikova

Watch: Trial of the Chicago Seven

Written and directed by Aaron Sorkin, best known for the long running series The West Wing, the film follows the Chicago Seven, a group of anti–Vietnam War protesters charged with conspiracy and crossing state lines with the intention of inciting riots at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago. It takes place over the course of the trial.

This is a part of history you might not know (we didn’t) and despite the high gloss treatment that loses a bit of the reality of the situation there are parallels to now that need to be discussed. What’s happening in our streets today is not new but in many ways a continuation from the past, as is the level of corruption of the powers that be. This film challenges you to look at what is going on now and how can we make it better. Let’s learn from history.

Listen to: Celeste

Looking for a new favorite artist, look no further than Celeste Epiphany Waite (but you can call her Celeste). She’s a brilliant young singer from Brighton, England. Her beautiful, mesmerizing voice often complements her jazzy, soulful instrumentals, and has drawn comparisons to the likes of Amy Winehouse.

In late 2019, she won both a Brit Award and a BBC Music Award and was named the number-one predicted breakthrough act of 2020 in an annual BBC poll of music critics. We think she has definitely arrived!

According to Spotify her most popular song is Stop This Flame.

We’re really loving I Can See The Change, produced by recent Grammy winner and brother of Billie Eilish, Finneas. Because of Covid the music video was filmed in Celeste’s living room and directed by Sophie Jones via Zoom. It taps into both film noir and a glamorous ‘60s aesthetic.

She has also recently dropped the single Hear My Voice which is coincidentally featured in the new film The Trial of the Chicago 7.

(oh and we happen to love her style as well!)

–Leah Flannery

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