Redress Design Award Competition – Open for Entries

What is the Redress Design Award Competition and should you enter it?

Get your sewing machines, measuring tape, and recycled fabrics ready! It’s time to rethink fashion. The annual Redress Design Award Competition is here, encouraging and inspiring the next wave of designers with one key component in mind: the planet. As longtime fans of Redress, allow us to introduce to you the world’s largest sustainable fashion competition.

Redress is a Hong-Kong based nonprofit with a strong mission to reduce clothing’s negative environmental impacts. Through educating and empowering both designers and consumers the organization aims to catalyze a circular industry and drive waste out of fashion for good. This dynamic and meaningful mission is an active plan in motion with the renowned Redress Design Award. Now in its thirteenth cycle, the competition highlights the fashion industry’s need for revitalization and the creatives working to make it happen.

Throughout this process select designers come together to learn of sustainable design theories and techniques to drive growth towards a circular fashion system. Over the course of several months’ participants flex their creative genius as they transform textile waste into wearable, commercially viable, visually stunning collections for all to see.

An Education in Sustainable Production via the Pathway Course

An interesting and key component of the competition is education about sustainable design via their free Pathway Course. It is required for applicants and will be open to the public as well starting in June. So even if you don’t want to enter the competition but still want to learn about sustainable fashion there is that option.

The course covers

  • Designing with a circular approach
  • Building a sustainable brand
  • Innovating for circular fashion

Ten finalists will present their collections in Hong Kong, take part in educational sustainable activities, and be the recipients of career enhancing prizes.

“The Redress Design Award is recognized for identifying talent and producing a global pool of sustainably-minded designers, yet the backbone of this program is actually its extensive educational platform, which reaches thousands more designers than the star finalists that the world gets to see. We know that a shift in education is critical to transforming the fashion industry: without knowledgeable professionals entering the market, a sustainable future for fashion has a tougher challenge.”

— Christina Dean, Founder
Original moodboard of former menswear winner Le Ngoc Ha Thu

The competition is open to all and attracts design students throughout the world. Previous winners include Vietnamese Le Ngoc Ha Thu who composed a range of Japanese style Americana streetwear for men from kimonos. Also, Juliana Garcia Bello from Argentina who had a more minimalist aesthetic but also used upcycling.

The educational aspect of the competition is major. It furthers the designer’s understanding of ecological integrity, and fosters a sense of confidence to continue their upward trajectory. The prizes include both cash and amazing mentorship opportunities.

Redress Design Award Competition challenges you to hone your artistic vision. And it’s an opportunity to transform the fashion industry on a global scale. Each design signifies a commitment to a waste free world. Still just as modern and stylish the fashion world is being turned on its axis by emerging designers. Are you ready to Redress?

–Kennedy Smith

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