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Regencycore Still Rules

What is it, where do I get it, and how do I do it?
Fashion Designer Bora Aksu definitely had a Regencycore vibe with his latest collection.

Season 2 of Bridgerton is upon us and with it a resurgence of interest in Regencycore: that 18th century style that the show made famous. It can also be considered a dressed up version of cottagecore; the same basic elements are there, just more regal, more elegant, and more sexy.

And full disclosure: I am in love with Regencycore. The basic elements are very traditionally feminine, so the modern adaptations we’re seeing in collections have been amazing. You might assume Regencycore solely stems from the Regency era of UK, but rather it’s a combination of that and fashion from the Victorian time frame. So, let’s break it down.

TOPS: Puffy sleeves and Plunging Necklines

For the upper body, necklines are key: deep V-necks, off the shoulder necklines, detailed collars are all elements of this era. Definitely puffy sleeves. The puffier the better. We want statement sleeves!

Here we’ve picked Reformation’s Isadora Top, Le Dauphinette’s Silk Organza Top & Reformation’s Stilton Top

Corsets, corsets and more corsets

Corsets have been on trend for awhile and they’re not going anywhere. From re-working athleticwear into corsets to Kristin Mallison’s tapestry corsets, there’s one for everyone. Donna Anita Atelie creates the traditional corset and stays if you’re ready to recreate the look of the era entirely. They’re my favorite thing associated with this trend and the versatility is amazing. Wear it alone with some jeans, over a button down, over an unfitted top, with a dress, etc.

You can find corsets custom made for you on line. Here we show looks by Kristin Mallison and Donna Anita Atelie


Collars are another way to add a little Extra without having to buy a whole new top.

These made-to-order collars are by Aest/Ethic London & Aisling Duffy


For dresses, think full skirts and tailored bodices. Historically speaking, empire-waists were very common during the time period, hence the resurgence of empire-line dresses. Dresses with structure and high collars, as well as tiered dresses are all perfect for this trend.

Shown here are The Peyton Dress by Christy Dawn, The Kenzi Dress by Reformation and Sip Sip Dress by Cara Cara


Attention to detail is key: emphasis on embellishments, lots of details and added accessories. This applies to both clothes and accessories. When it comes to Regencycore, everyone will have their own way to style it.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend? Not anymore. Look for pearl details on clothes and hit up your local thrift store for jewelry. Pearl chokers and necklaces, dropped earrings- layer them and be obnoxious about it. Dainty gold jewelry and vintage pendant necklaces have replaced chunky chains.

Add some feminine hair pieces, gold headbands, and embellished handbags for a final touch. And, of course, long gloves (I was tempted to put this in all caps and tell everyone this is the most important accessory, but I’m biased and just love them the most). Etsy is a great place to look for these.

Shown here: vintage pearls, Sakura Rosebud Earring by Dauphinette, satin gloves

–Julia Hardie

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