Remake Brand Report: Did your fave pass or fail?


Is your favorite brand a shiny rockstar or a sad offender? It’s time to find out…

Remake is holding brands accountable– and they are not afraid to name drop! (It’s all public information anyways) Here is an overview of their 2020 Brand Transparency Report to help you navigate your favorite fashion brands and their sustainability efforts.

Remake is a community of modern women who pledge to wear their values- meaning they have ditched fast fashion and built their closets by buying clothes that have been made with a consciousness of the women who make garments and the planet we live on. This movement uses the power of purchase, their strong voices, and creativity to bring attention to the women we never see, but who power the fashion industry.

“With an overall goal of ending fast fashion, it is important to know what the brands you buy are doing. Remake has put together a report that features their 10 Rockstars, 10 Wannabes, 10 Offenders, and 10 Up & Comer brands that have been given a score based on input from Human Rights, Climate, Water, and Waste Experts. ”

Doing research on your own about brands and shopping sustainability can be hard- but here is a quick rundown to make things easier for you.

The 5 Main Criteria the report is based on:

  1. Traceability & Transparency

  2. Maker Wellbeing

  3. Environmental Sustainability

  4. Sustainable Raw Materials

  5. Leadership, Diversity & Inclusion


Are out of 100 points. A brand must score at least 50 points to get a Remake Seal of Approval. To pass, brands need to make progress in multiple categories to ensure they align with issues of human rights, women’s rights, and environmental sides of sustainability. All ratings are based on information that is publicly disclosed, so transparency is key.


No brand is perfect, but the 10 brands included in this category are paving a pathway for good in the fashion industry with their sustainability efforts. All of the brands featured on this list received 50+ points and that’s a big deal. There is always room for growth (specifically in diversity) and we can’t wait to see where these brands go in the future! –See some of our favorite items from the Rockstar Group here!

Up & Comers

These young brands have been working hard to be sustainable from the beginning. You may have already heard of them and if not, look them up and remember the names! We are hopeful they will overcome their issues.


These 10 brands claim to be sustainable, and while they’re making progress, there are a few reasons to hold back celebration. The brands on this list score between 18 and 62 points, so while some of them technically pass the Remake Seal of Approval process by scoring higher than 50 points, what keeps them on this list are controversial manipulation tactics that are often the result of greenwashing attempts.  

Madewell, ASOS, Reformation, Theory, Matt & Nat, MATE, Amour Vert, Nike, Lululemon, Fjallraven


These 10 brands have each scored under 36 points, meaning they have chosen profit over people and our planet’s future. You know these fast fashion brands, Zara, H&M, and Urban Outfitters (who got as little as 2 points). Together, we can hold them accountable and work to change them.

  • Zara

  • H&M

  • Everlane

  • Uniqlo

  • Forever21

  • Allbirds

  • Missguided

  • Boohoo

  • Urban Outfitters

  • Supreme

    How did your favorite brands do? Maybe you need some new ones? Here are our favorites from the Rockstars and Up & Coming brands

And we urge you to join the movement with @remakeourworld on instagram or visit to get more information about brand transparency.

-Leah Flannery