The Personal Stylist Who Shops Your Closet & Restyles What You Own

50% of our wardrobe goes unworn. Here’s what Sam Weir’s new styling service Lotte.V1 is doing to help that.

One shirt styled 15 ways by Sam Weir, founder of Lotte.V1 personal styling that is not about shopping.

One shirt styled 15 ways by Sam Weir, founder of Lotte.V1 personal styling that is not about shopping.


When you hear that 50% of the average wardrobe goes unworn, it’s quite shocking. So many of us allow our clothing and in turn money to collect dust. We view our wardrobes as the problem in our quest for better, different or improved style. Why would we see otherwise? We live in a culture of mass consumption, particularly with clothing. Trends come fast and are marketed hard, and we are told wearing the same outfit more than once is a faux pas. What if, unlike what the marketers want you to believe, your closet is not the problem but is your solution? That’s what Sam Weir believes and she’s making it her business to show you how this is true through her company Lotte.V1.


When Sam moved to New York City she found herself diving head first into the styling world all while balancing a business degree. She quickly found her way and started assisting some incredibly talented stylists. From celebrity stylists like Kate Young to editorial talent like Alex White, Sam was in it all, being trained by the best. She became the youngest fashion editor at New York based fashion publication Document Journal and went on to freelance. She’s been with top celebrities, CEOs, and models, on sets with the biggest brands and runway shows. From the outside it looked like a “dreams come true” career path. But as she learned and witnessed the waste that went along with the excess in the industry she became disenchanted with the traditional fashion system and decided to take styling to the personal level but in a new way.

Traditional personal styling services are marketed as transforming, time saving experiences that will help you categorize your clothes and get dressed with confidence. Sounds great, but this comes with a significant “investment” in new items –with a price tag that can easily be 4 figures or more not even including the fee for the stylist. Often stylists will then schedule shorter, repeat visits to help clients “refresh” their wardrobe seasonally or for special occasions. In short: with a personal stylist there is always a reason for you to buy more –and with some the added bonus of a commission from a brand to sell to you.

That is not how Lotte.V1 works. Instead it focus only on what you already own and was inspired by Sam’s grandmother. Lotte (pronounced la-ta) was the nickname of Sam’s grandmother. Clothing was always part of Lotte’s identity; she made her own clothes and often forced her husband to take polaroids of her modeling around the house. She understood the magic of personal style but also the practical needs of it, so Sam named her business after her. (The ‘V1’ nods to how they function virtually and through one-on-one sessions.)

Like her grandmother and her polaroids, Sam focuses on you and your wardrobe as it is. She walks you through what you have, your feelings about it, and where you wish to progress in your personal style. This process helps you rediscover and fall in love with what you already own, utilizing as much of your wardrobe as possible.

Lotte.V1 is trying to shift our urges as fashion consumers away from excessive shopping and trends, towards styling. They can style 5 new looks and make you feel like you just went shopping without ever leaving your wardrobe.

What if you do not think your wardrobe is worth rediscovering? They promise in every wardrobe there is something special, you just need a different eye to discover it. If they do decide a key piece is missing, Sam says they can advise on the best places and people to support, promoting unique and meaningful dressing.

Two No Kill Magazine contributors recently tried the 15 minute consultation with Sam Weir. See their results!

Leah showing her lime green jacket in need of new styling in a consultation with Sam Weir of Lotte.V1

Leah showing her lime green jacket in need of new styling in a consultation with Sam Weir of Lotte.V1

The future of fashion retail is in the actions of slow shopping and smart styling. There are so many incredible people creating brands, but where are the services teaching us how to properly wear them? These clothes deserve love and Sam or another Lotte.V1 stylist can show you how to give it! When you understand your style and how to truly wear your wardrobe, dressing and slow shopping becomes easier and even exciting. We can enjoy and explore our style without losing our values. Better for you and our planet.