Six Changes You Can Make To Slow Climate Change

take the JUMP to help stop climate change with these tips

In just one, three, or six months, take the JUMP towards a healthier world.

In response to the climate crisis, many are wondering if they can make a difference as just one person.  According to new studies, it’s possible to help slow the warming of our world with six key changes to consumption habits. And grassroots organization JUMP wants to help with that commitment. It was created by a group of researchers, scientists, parents and teachers who are deeply concerned about how to stop climate change. In just one, three, or six months, take the JUMP towards a healthier world.

JUMP is built around these six shifts to protect our planet:

  1. End Clutter  Jump encourages keeping all electronic products for at least seven years, using up their full optimum lifetime. 
  2. Travel Fresh  Next time you’re ready to hop in your car to go somewhere, think of JUMP and opt for public transportation (or carpool!) instead.  By lowering the amount of non-essential private vehicles, we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions around the world.
  3. Eat Green  Switching to a plant-based diet (especially eliminating red meat) and reducing food waste can have a huge impact on reducing emissions.  And by only buying what we can finish eating, less energy and resources are wasted.
  4. Dress Retro  We know consuming fast fashion is harmful to the planet, but JUMP wants to challenge you further to only purchase three new clothing items a year.  If you go over the limit, choose a circular option like second hand or mending old clothing.
  5. Travel Local  By cutting down on flights to just one short flight every three years and one long flight every eight years, aviation emissions, which are responsible for two percent of the world’s total, would be greatly reduced.  For other travel options JUMP suggests trains, ferries, or even staycations!
  6. Change the System  JUMP knows global infrastructure changes are in dire need of improvement.  So, to encourage big companies to get the ball rolling, make one change to your own life like switching to green energy.

We particularly love JUMP for their emphasis on simply trying the best you can to stick to these six shifts to stop climate change.  While it might seem tough eating fully plant-based or giving up your car completely, JUMP states that trying to get as close as possible to these goals will still have an impact.  This is reflected in the five foundations JUMP is built on.

5 Foundations of the JUMP Community

  1. Trying is Enough, Just Start.  Whether you want to give it a go and aim to imperfectly start all six shifts, or just choose one to start with, JUMP encourages any level of trying towards changing our habits.
  2. No More “Us and Them.”  This foundation reminds people to be kind to ourselves while we’re trying to change and not to expect perfection from anyone else.
  3. JUMP For Joy.  The JUMP is a GOOD thing!  These shifts are focused on creating balance and living a better life less focused on consumption.
  4. Same Access, Different Responsibility.  JUMP acknowledges not everyone is in a position to actively fight for ecological betterment but aims to still feel like a space where everyone can belong and contribute.
  5. This Will Change Things.  Science has shown that by following the six shifts, people have the power to influence between 25-27% of emissions, helping to slow rising global temperatures.

Ready to give it a go and take the JUMP?  Find out all the details and resources here!

–Natalie LaBarbera

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