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Spotlight On Asian Sustainable Brands

beautiful Girl in extremely large sunhat
image from Maison Metisse

The progression towards sustainable fashion now traverses across every corner of the earth as more labels and the industry at large collectively strives for working conditions and eco-conscious regulations that speak to the environmental issues of our times. This fashion revolution has resulted in a significant shift in attitudes and preferences for consumers that want to not only look stylish, but align themselves with brands that offer more transparency in how they source and design their apparel.

Leading the charge towards more sustainability in particular are Asian brands, which have historically incorporated techniques that are more respectful of the earth’s resources. As other countries around the world follow their eco-friendly lead, No Kill has curated a very ambitious (yet small as the region comprises nearly 50 countries!) coterie of brands throughout the Asian continent that represents a diverse range of styles. Whether you are into the minimalistic and monotone, or towards the bohemian and avant-garde, the following are brands with enormous appeal, excellent transparency, and prove that the fashion circle of life lives within their sartorial DNA.



A brand driven by cultural heritage and ethically produced clothing, Ziran is on a mission to tell a story through design, exclusively using Xiang yun sha sil sourced from one village in provincial China. Launched by Kelly Wang Shanahan, the techniques incorporated to produce their immaculate collections date back more than 500 years. The rich colors presented demands a detailed process that must be repeated many times over to achieve a finished product that has won over consumers that are enamored with the anti-microbial, wrinkle-resistant fabric that feels smooth on the skin. Ziran is a natural line with stylish stories ready to be worn.

asian fashion from the phillipines super cute dresses and more from maison metisse

Maison Métisse

Filipino culture and heritage are front and center in this brand that employs local artists from the region, including the indigenous Itneg Tribe, to produce an impressive line of contemporary clothing, accessories, and home furnishings. Utilizing traditional handcrafting techniques, Maison Métisse celebrates slow fashion through a singular approach.

mixed prints doodlage clothes


A New Delhi brand turning scraps and trash into treasured, Doodlage is a leader in transformative design, with limited edition collections for men and women that truly practices the ‘waste not, want not’ mantra in stunning fashion. Ethically sourced and manufactured in India, the brand’s apparel transitions seamlessly across seasons.

Filipino brand risque designs

Risqué Designs

Step out in stride and sustainability in Risqué Designs, a Filipino lifestyle brand sourced and ethically produced by local artisans in provincial Philippines. From custom-made footwear and accessories to statement sneakers, founder Tal de Guzman uses design to weave an intricate story about Filipino culture for the fashion-forward set.

women in dresses reading in a field fashion image of asian sustainable fashion


Living and loving beautifully is at the core of Valani, a brand of eco-friendly fashion for women made from biodegradable materials and non-toxic dyes. With an expansive line that of skirts, dresses, and comfortable blouses, Valani offers women the femininity they desire while respecting the earth’s natural resources.

model in black and white

Delikate Rayne

Komie and Meg Vota are sisters that have pursued their passions and converted them into a lifestyle brand on a mission to create ethically produced contemporary fashion. The brand raises the stakes with their line of lace-trim kimonos, vegan leather bustiers, and fringe mini skirts that respect cruelty-free textiles with a distinct, luxurious vibe.



Under the mantra of ‘fashion, with nothing left behind’, PARTsPARTs has done what many brands have promised, but few deliver on: producing apparel that function under a zero waste premise. The Korean-based label boasts an exceptional line of fully reversible clothes that are a simple, inimitable representation of classic 80s design. Under their sartorial supervision, what was once waste is now wearable art.

As the intricate legacy of Asian fashion and stance on sustainability takes hold of the fashion industry en masse, their time-honored techniques of knitting, embroidery, natural dyeing, and organic processes perfected over millennia are driving businesses towards policies and practices that prove today’s designs can be simultaneously eco-conscious and fashion-forward.

-triston brewer


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