Steal These 60s Fashion Trends Seen On The Streets


 A trend has to die to live again. It has to give way to a new trend to keep the fashion system (and consumption) going. We all know that fashion continuously recycles and that many current styles were once “hot” decades ago. Although of lot of designs are rethought, modernized and adapted to the current context, their essence remains.

 When thinking about how not to consume, (sort of, kind of hard), the choice to go vintage seems obvious. Peek into your parents’ and grandparents’ closets – you’ll probably find original garments that are in style today. But if your family is the Marie Kondo sort so there are no keepers, we have the solution. Let Etsy be your go-to for vintage. There you’ll find a huge market for antique pieces in excellent condition, from collectible designs to more artisanal products.

Being retro is in style! Spring Summer 22 has a lot of references from the past and we’ll be highlighting some below. As Tracy sang on the well-known Broadway show, Hairspray “Welcome to the Sixties!” Today we’ll be sharing looks from go go boots to psychedelic prints.



“These Boots Are Made for Walkin” sang Nancy Sinatra. The famous white boots set by André Courrèges, kept evolving until a knee-high length and turned out to be the signature of the Go-go dancers. Born from the Youth Revolution, these iconic white knee-high boots  were a symbol of power and female independence.



Popularized (and invented!) by the iconic Mary Quant, the miniskirt became a cultural icon from the revolutionary decade. The mini length (for dress and skirts) is the key style for this summer. Check out this brown suede one similar to the one Alexa is wearing!


A glamorous accessory from the 50s and 60s, head scarfs are coming back strong this summer. Its versatile quality invites new ways to wear it as you pleaseFigures such as the Hadids knot the scarf at the back of their pin-straight hair. The heavy satin rayon scarf with this fabulous large coin design and a hand-rolled hemline is one of the finest pieces we could find on Etsy.



Vibrant one-color outfits are always chic and polished looks. Versace AW21 monochromatic looks reminded us of the infamous shift dresses and pantyhose from the mod fashion. To break a little with the dresses, we’ve got an orange pantsuit to show you. This set features high-waisted trousers and a blouse with fine ruffle details and puff sleeves: an ideal choice for a warm afternoon in the city.



Flower power is nothing less but the spirit of the 60s! Inherent to the hippie movement, it represented a passive and peaceful resistance. Floral prints are a wildcard in our wardrobes. Nevertheless, this season flowers will tend to be more abstract and childish, in saturated and colorful palettes. Retro-florals could be the hottest trend of the summer. This delicate and fun mod dress has a beautiful floral print in bold colors.



The streets have spoken: psychedelic prints are here to stay. Twiggy would definitively approve of this comeback! Emilio Pucci, famous for his vibrant prints since the 50s, presented us this season with some trippy prints for risky people. Immerse yourself in bold and electric colors; groovy flowers, swirly dyes and two-toned warped checkerboard. The Psychedelic Mini Dress is an original piece that could totally blend in with today’s market.



This trend is back in full swing. Forget about dark punk prints, these checkerboards are fully colored and some even twisted. As one of the coolest patterns of the moment, they are profoundly connected with psychedelic and groovy vibes. Many of these are presented in sets, like Gigi’s renowned olive-green pajama worn while pregnant. This white and pink checkered trouser will lift your outfit right away. Believe us when we say these pants are the new must-have!

–Nazarena Correia