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8 Questions With NYC Insider (+ Our Style Crush) Francesca Vuillemin

Astrologer, Sustainability Influencer + No Kill Mag Fashion Editor is always on the move…and so is Mr. Buttons!

We feel lucky to have on our team Francesca Vuillemin who is also the best Astrologer in NYC and a noted Sustainability Influencer. (no, we’re not biased!) One of the first things you notice about Francesca is her warmth and energy. She has none of the attitude associated with people who love fashion. The second thing you notice is her style. Read on and be inspired.

The most stylish people to me are those who have fun with what they wear and have a smile on their face while doing so!

Mr. Buttons in sync with Francesca –no rehearsal necessary!

Talk to us about what you’re wearing in this shoot!
This beautiful Kimono was rescued by designer and re-couturier Alexander Acosta. What I love so much about it’s ethereal quality that offers a piece of history and masterful embroidery. The drape of the garment makes it so fun to play with and can be turned into whatever I need it to be for the occasion.

How would you describe your style?
Style is my communicator to the world to express or whatever I am feeling. Intentional and evocative, I love bringing out details with quirky vintage buttons or brooches.

Style Icons?
Cate Blanchett and Katharine Hepburn (both Taurus’) who both look like Goddesses whether in a dress or in a tailored suit.

Katharine Hepburn + Cate Blanchett

What’s your favorite vintage or secondhand store in New York?
There are so many! Currently one of my favorites is Monk Vintage Thrift! They’re in Williamsburg on Driggs and N 10th Street.

Is there a sustainable fashion designer that should be on our radar?

Jody Morlock who will turn any jacket that you think you wanted to toss into a piece of wearable art. She is sold at Patricia Field

What’s a piece of advice for someone trying to find their own style?
Everything in nature is a one-of-a-kind which I believe we should aspire to do through our personal style. Start by asking yourself what feels most like you or if you are mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo & Sagittarius) what communicates your various facets for that occasion.

Top 3 places in “your” NYC?

The Flower District NYC

The Flower District – A Piece of paradise in the chaos of the city. (starts on W 28th between 6th and 7th avenue)

Palma restuarant NYC

Palma NYC – Surrounded by fresh cut flowers, this farm to table Italian food is lovingly made and served on vintage plates

maison 10 nyc

Maison Ten– Always something beautiful to discover and inspire me. Henri and Tom’s boutique features 10 hand-selected items across 10 different categories for a period of 10 weeks. And you can choose one of 10 charities to receive a 10% donation from their purchase!

Francesca + Mr. Buttons take time to smell the flowers

Any other advice?
I believe that style is a conversation with the world around you and a reflection of your ideals. When choosing any garment –or anything for that matter– I make sure that I know the origin and fabrication so that I know what kind of energy permeates what I am wearing. Everything we do matters which is both empowering and also holds great responsibility. Through our buying power we can be part of building the world we want to see.

As An Astrologer You Are Very In Tune With The Energy (which has been intense the last 2 years) How Do you Manage To Stay So Positive?
The work I do really does mean that I have to tune in and understand to the best of my ability what is going on with the planets and how that affects my clients. Aside from using style to life my mood I am a HUGE believer in liquid chlorophyll (liquid sunshine as I like to call it) and love to take with Hear Me Raw’s (Chlorophyll rich) Brighter mask. To finish up I manage my fave with Pure Dharma’s Glow CBD facial oil which literally makes you glow for hours! These daily rituals have been a game changer which I recommend everyone trying at home while listening to great music and an outfit to match! XOXO

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