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3 Ways to Style a Sweater Vest with Nadine



3 days / 3 ways

Nadine styles her top from Depop! & adds some fun illustrations

Life is strange at the moment, to say the least. The way we would normally live our lives is interrupted, which requires us to adapt. Don’t we all miss the excitement of getting ready for a big occasion? Luckily, we can redefine what is big by applying the same positive energy to what we can do at the moment!

A hike through your nearby forest? An afternoon in your favorite park? An online event for work or with friends? We deserve to feel good about ourselves on every occasion! Let’s dress up for it as if the world is our personal runway, because when we are feeling good, the good times will come!

Not being able to go out as often means we like to snuggle up in our most cozy clothes.

My go-to comfort piece at the moment is a knitted second-hand sweater by ‘Eytys’, found on Depop. I never knew I would love a sleeveless pullover so much until I came across it. This is why second-hand shopping is a great way to grow within our style identity and find out more about our taste.

Being sleeveless and cropped, this piece allows plenty of room to style it for many occasions.


 Enjoying Nature

I am sure we all try to take advantage of the fresh air as much as possible at the moment. This time is perfect to reconnect with nature and reinvent ourselves in it.

For this occasion, I combined my sweater with mustard leggings and a tight-fitting T-shirt, which were both found in a charity shop in the UK. I had to alter the leggings a little to fit me, which was easily done, by replacing the elastic. It is always fun to add a little kick to an outfit, that would make it stand out more. For this purpose, I added some blue over knee socks.

Art in the park


Don’t we all love a little bit of pink in our life! I find it exciting how we can influence the way we come across through our fashion. It gives us a sense of control in our life that is much needed, especially at the moment.

Going to the park to draw, I decided I wanted to feel cute, which is why I added a thrifted pink skirt and a tight-fitting pink top. I added a pair of black platform boots as well as beautiful, patterned tights, also purchased from Depop!

Online Meeting


It is a fact that we are currently living more digital than ever. Most work meetings or University classes are held online. It can sometimes be tricky to have our comfort zone blended with our professional life. What do we wear in such a situation?

It feels silly to dress up only to sit in front of a laptop at home, but we also want to come across as professional.

I found the solution by combining the knitted piece with an upcycled Ralph Lauren shirt, transformed into a cropped shirt and a skirt. It is entirely comfortable, and I love wearing it at home due to its bagginess.

Adding the sweater and some tights helps to get rid of the ‘pajama’ vibe and after my professional meetings, I can just easily remove those to be to be comfortable again!

 So 3 days and 3 different ways I wore my Depop sweater!

–Nadine El Garhy

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