15 Planet Positive Presents: from Experiences to Underwear!

Struggling to find a meaningful gift for your loved ones? Whether it’s someone you’ve known for one, five, or ten years, it can be difficult to pinpoint something to give that will actually get some use. Rather than buying a random knick knack they might not need, try gifting something more meaningful, like a personalized sustainable gold necklace or special experience. We asked a few of our favorite sustainable influencers for their gift ideas. Here’s what they would love to give and receive. 

Aja Barber | Writer + Fashion Consultant

  • Digital subscriptions  New York Times is a good one for example. That paywall always got me until I just caved and bought the subscription.
  • Arq underpants!  I love these underpants so much. I find in the sustainable journey for a lot of people, buying sustainable underpants is … a lot.  This would be a nice treat for a friend.
  • Is it shameful to say my book Consumed?  One of my most popular posts was about buying people presents they don’t want for the holidays.  With the supply chain breaking down, I think we all could stand to do a lot less and if the issues that we talk about confuse family and friends, get them the book.  It’s all there and they might start to understand why you don’t want random things for Christmas and instead want things that you will truly use and enjoy.

Isaias Hernandez | Queer Brown Vegan

  • Gifting a loved one a carbon offset I believe that we are rooted in overconsumption and we must be able to realize that true gifts come outside that benefits planetary health.
  • An ocean-friendly gift, gift a reef and donate to their existence
  • Gifting a book, in relation to climate-related themes, books hold so much wisdom for a regenerative just future.

Emily Stochl | Pre-Loved Podcast

  • The Dari Boots from Nisolo are shock-absorbing, durable booties made from sustainable leather. As a Certified B Corporation business, Nisolo is a top-rated footwear and accessories brand in all areas of Social & Environmental Responsibility, promising their workers fair wages and great benefits
  • Get an upcycled garment for yourself or your pet handmade by Psychic Outlaw from unique, vintage textiles – Emily recommends one of their quilt jackets which you can buy ready-made or using your own clothing scraps!
  • GLDN offers a diverse range of styles, sizes, and prices of customizable jewelry made from locally-sourced, recycled metals. With a made-to-order production process, GLDN is focused on creating an almost waste-free process by only using materials they need and recycle. Get a loved one a personalized piece of jewelry like their Yue Necklace or Bar Bracelets!

Erin Skinner | PhD candidate in Conservation Psychology

  • Stump & Co Candles  Stump & Co. are a small Aussie business, hand pouring vegan, refillable candles. The candles don’t contain palm oil or petroleum, and come shipped plastic-free! What I love most about Stump & Co. are some of the uniquely Australian scents on offer like ‘Bush Walk’, ‘Outback’, and ‘Spotted Gum’
  • A Christmas pottery class
    Giving the gift of laughter, memories, and good times is pretty well the most precious gift you can give IMO. Urth Clay Studio focuses on the mindfulness and de-stressing that can come through creating something and getting your hands dirty, while in an inclusive space. Even offering up special Chrissy-themed classes, this is a gift I would love to both give and receive.  In the US? Check out this guide to pottery classes across the country.
  • Seed & Sprout organic tote
    My old faithful, the Seed & Sprout organic pocket tote is one of my tried-and-true pressie rec’s. A generous size with six internal side pockets, this bag comes with me everywhere from the farmer’s market, to the beach, on holiday, and everywhere in between; and hasn’t skipped a beat!

Katya Moorman | Editor of No Kill 🙂

  • Treasured Lapis Pendant Necklace by Boma Jewelry
    Lapis Each pendant is made with bi-disc stones that have been upcycled from previously unused materials into new and beautiful pieces. Blue is the color of the throat chakra –the place where you find your voice and speak your truth. And lapis lazuli is known to empower people with wisdom to be their authentic self. Boma Jewelry is a B Corp that creates beautiful, affordable jewelry while being committed to people and the planet.
  • A Goat by Oxfam
    Because nothing says happy holidays like…goats?!

    Help a family in need by giving this dynamic duo. Goats are hardy and notorious for eating anything. With your help, this pair can support a family in tough times by producing milk and offspring. It’s a fun way to celebrate the season while also giving back.
  • A MasterClass Subscription There are several places online where you can take classes but none other that I know of where you can learn from those you admire. They might not be the most in depth but it’s fascinating to hear how they think. From Anna Wintour to RuPaul, Dr. Jane Goodall to Serena Williams –there is seriously something for everyone. And best of all your recipient can choose the class.

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–Christina Hara