Suzie True: The Power Puff Girls of Pop Punk

photo by Ann Molinphoto by Ann Molin

We ❤️ The Style of Suzie True

The femme modern punk band’s style is a combination of a bunch of different eras of style (‘60s, ‘80s, ‘90s, Y2K!), unique thrifted pieces and A LOT of fishnet tights and tattoos.

In our most recent Read Watch Listen we recommended listening to Suzie True, a Los Angeles garage pop trio. Not only do we love their music, but they are all around effortlessly cool, always serving the same dreamy angst as they do in their songs.

 No Kill and Suzie True’s singer/songwriter Lexi McCoy and guitarist G Leonardo had a Q&A about their style inspiration (music and fashion), putting out music in a pandemic, and Lexi & G’s Precious Booking Collective, a LA based booking collective that is more than just a booking collective focused on amplifying marginalized voices.

Suzie True by @Jondelreal

Suzie True by @Jondelreal

 I really think you all have such style– Can you say a little about where you grab your fashion inspo from when playing shows on stage/now live streams, in your music videos, etc?
Thank you!! Most of my fashion inspo comes from vintage styles and thrifting, I only buy secondhand clothing and it’s really helped me get creative and resourceful with my outfits and try things I wouldn’t have tried otherwise! I’ve worked at a few vintage/secondhand clothing stores and it was inspiring to be around vintage clothes from different eras and learn about them. My favorite fashion eras to take inspiration from are the 60s (bold colors and patterns! mini skirts!), ‘80s (western wear! punk and goth! more colors!) and ‘90s (grunge, y2k shit, Courtney Love!).

 G: Bratz Dollz. ‘90s and 2000s cartoons and anime. Emo kids, Hot Topic, art rock cigarette smoking asshole poets. And of course, the stylist for the Disney 2000 era of television.

 Your album ‘Saddest Girl At The Party’ has been out for a few months now (Congrats!!)– What was it like putting out an album in 2020? Who were some of the musical (or other) inspirations for this record? 

Lexi: It was weird and difficult for sure but our label Get Better Records is amazing and made it fun and easy and we were so thankful for all the support we got! My main inspiration for this album were 90s bands like Belly, Tiger Trap, The Breeders, and Pavement and current bands that we love like Tacocat, Diet Cig, Potty Mouth and Illuminati Hotties. Also the Go-Gos forever!!

photo by Ann Molin

photo by Ann Molin

 G: So, so weird. We didn’t get to celebrate the traditional way in terms of putting on a huge party/show, but we were really happy with the Get Better Records team and community support that Saddest Girl got! Music inspo for guitar riffs include Ray Toro from MCR, Muse (duhhh), Blink 182, and Joyce Manor. Special shoutout to ALL of the surf rock and oldies we consumed on tour / driving to out of town shows.

 Who/What inspired Precious Bitch Booking Collective? Obviously shows aren’t happening IRL right now, but do you have any future plans in store? And do you have any memories from before covid of the DIY shows + community you want to share?

 Lexi: G and I started Precious Bitch because we were sick of seeing so many lineups that were all white/all men and of course all white men lol. We wanted to carve out our own little space in the scene –a space that is positive, supportive, welcoming, and not clique-y. We wanted to create a community that amplifies and celebrates queer, femme, and BIPOC voices!

We’re currently working on brainstorming ideas with our friends about how we can best serve our community during this time without shows. My favorite show memory was our Halloween cover band show to raise money for RAICES. We played as My Chemical Romance and there was also L7, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and No Doubt cover performances from some of our favorite bands! (YAAWN, The Groans, Dimber!!)

G: Precious Bitch came from the heart. It’s a family, a community, a dichotomy of being sweet and fearless, individual and together in everything that we do. PB was born because we wanted to make magic happen ourselves and bring along (read: force) all of our favorite musicians and artists and foodies and etc along with us. We’ve got lots of things cooking, trust. Fave show memory is two-fold – throwing our first (and only) Halloween show and 1. magically manifesting MCR to reunite and play their first show back in YEARS, and 2. staring shell-shocked at K-Stew at our show, who seemed to be enjoying herself quite well

and for fun, Dream band to tour with? 

Lexi: So many!! The ones G said for sure and Pup, Illuminati Hotties, and Meet Me @  the Altar!
G: We’d love to tour with Mannequin Pussy, Diet Cig, and Japanese Breakfast!

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photos by @deadmansphotographs

photos by @deadmansphotographs

–Leah Flannery


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