biomaterials and fashion

The Beauty of Biotech + Fashion

Good news for us earth inhabitants: the fashion industry, aka world’s second most polluting industry, is picking up serious steam in counteracting its environmental effects in textile production, with the help of biotechnology.


Is Biocouture Fashion’s Next Big Thing?

In a true art meets science scenario, designers are teaming up with engineers and biochemists to drive the innovations we’re seeing in the textile game these days. The laboratory is the new atelier, the room where the magic (actually basic chemistry but to a non-science person like me it seems like magic) happens, the place where clothes get made – on every level.

flower blooming in place of a head on pink pangaia flwrdwn jacket

PANGAIA’s Material Innovations Excite Us – Here’s Why

Can flowers keep you warm? If you’re not Josephine Baker can you really wear bananas? This might sound like something out of a fantasy but flowers, pineapple leaves, and crushed textile waste are just some of the materials that PANGAIA uses on a daily basis for their apparel.