Matty Bovan wins the Woolmark Prize and more

Central Saint Martins grad Matty Bovan, known for his delightfully refreshing “more is more” aesthetic is proving it once again as he walks away with not only this year’s Woolmark Prize but also the Karl Lagerfeld Award for Innovation leaving the rest of the contenders empty handed. (but of course grateful for the “opportunity” and “experience”–and with some money of their own).


The British Fashion Awards 2020

Sometimes we live in a bubble here in Brooklyn. And while Covid has kept us from going out it has also made us spread ourselves farther in terms of paying attention to what’s going on in the world. The UK which has brought us both Fashion Revolution and Xtinction Rebellion has always been ahead of us in terms of accountability in fashion. Which is why we decided to share with you the British Fashion Awards of 2020. Yes, this is a show of the “FASHION INDUSTRY” but it’s also a show of change and hope and inspiration.

Here are the 6 contenders for the ’21 International Woolmark Prize

What is the International Woolmark Prize?

Originally called The International Wool Secretariat fashion design competition it was created to promote wool to the global market. Two early winners? Karl Lagerfeld and Yves Saint Laurent!

This year the theme is Sustainability and Supply Chain Transparency tied to Innovation, and the official focus is “Less is More”. Can I just say that this excites me to no end? And that this is no small challenge goes without saying! So here are the 6 contenders for the prize…


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HK redress finalists

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