On Vivienne Westwood’s Manifesto of Active Resistance

Vivienne Westwood contained multitudes. She was a pioneer of punk, a star of haute couture, and a crusading global activist. And, less often recognized, a philosopher to boot. Underneath her work in all realms lay a consistent commitment to truth, captured well in her 2007 manifesto Active Resistance to Propagan

Our Top 10 Interviews from 2022

The subjects range from sustainable fashion experts/advocates to designers working with bio-materials to a certain New York City nightlife legend. They’re all different from one another but they have a commonality. They are independent minded. They think for themselves. They’re doing things beyond the status quo.

Ai Weiwei’s Tyger to Support Tiger Population

Celebrated contemporary artist Ai Weiwei has unveiled his most recent source of inspiration: tigers. With its simple title, Tyger, Ai’s Tibetan rug work concerns significant matters of Asian culture, mass extinction, and the power of art and activism.

Get Schooled on Conscious/Sustainable Fashion

You love fashion, but what about the industry? You’ve heard “fast fashion” is bad and even luxury brands pollute are planet. What’s going on? Learn how the fashion industry works: the good, bad and the ugly by taking any of these free courses on sustainable fashion and learn how to be a better consumer, creator and citizen.