Timberland x PANGAIA

From its inception to the design and materials used, the companies are demonstrating that an environmentally conscious, innovative fashion process is attainable. It was only a brief moment ago we … Read more

sustainable asian brands

Spotlight On Asian Sustainable Brands

The progression towards sustainable fashion now traverses across every corner of the earth as more labels and the industry at large collectively strives for working conditions and eco-conscious regulations that … Read more

VEERAH FW 23 Campaign

Just in time for NYFW, NO KILL is thrilled to share vegan shoe brand VEERAH’S FW ’23 Campaign starring our Fashion editor and Astrologer, Francesca Vuillemin who modeled, styled and … Read more

Sustainable Ethical Shopping Guides

Our Evergreen Shopping Guides

What’s an “evergreen” guide? It’s one that doesn’t change with the trends. We’ve rounded up what we believe are the best brands around if you’re buying new clothes and separated … Read more

Don’t Shop. Swap!

Don’t Shop. Swap!

5 Clothing Swap Options to Help Your Wardrobe and The Planet A lot of us believe thrifting is the solution to mindless over consumption. What a lot of us don’t … Read more

Our Favorite Planet Friendly Swimsuits

Sustainable Swimwear is Making Waves

Swimsuits have long been a summer staple, but, like everything else we come into contact with every day, it’s important to think about where your suit comes from – and where it’s going to go when you’re done with it. Check out our top picks for best sustainable swimwear.