presents a tech-fashion collaboration that explores the latent energies, colors and geometries of the seven chakras –and we love it.

The pandemic caused a lot of businesses to shut their doors and fashion labels were no exception. Luckily for us, threeASFOUR has survived –as they have through ups and downs and mini-dramas since they came on the scene in the early 2000s as ASFOUR. I think perhaps it’s because they’re truly more of an artistic collective than your typical “brand” (see our interview with one of their designers, Brit Shaked, for more on that) –and one that is always pushing forward and taking a lead in where fashion might go.

This season’s collection is called KUNDALINI and explores the seven chakras, creating multiple looks for each in the color associated with these areas: the root chakra is red, the sacred chakra is orange, the solar plexus is yellow, the heart is green, the throat is turquoise, the third eye is indigo, and the crown chakra is lavender.

In addition to their signature use of techniques like laser cut fabrics and origami pleats they worked with Kornit Digital’s MAX Technology with its unique XDi textile printing capabilities, creating custom fractal prints for each chakra as well by way of waterless printing to minimize the environmental impact in production.

While all of the garments are stunning I’m feeling covetous of the ribbon dresses (see in red and green below) –the soft undulating fabric appears organically alive and yet imminently wearable.

The end result is a collection that feels both ethereal and other worldly yet also grounded in this moment of cultural and environmental awareness that is now. A difficult balance they have beautifully achieved.












–Katya Moorman