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3 Ways to Style a Printed Top

3 Days, 3 Ways with Karla Depina

Location: Chicago, IL
Occupation: Paralegal

Personal Style Advice: I cannot stress this enough. WEAR WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY! There have been many times where I have been told, what I’m wearing doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t have to make sense to anyone! I am in a space where I genuinely dress for me and only me, and that is enough.
Dressing up really has helped me in more ways than anyone would know, and because it’s just for me, it has helped me become more confident along the way. That is the most important thing that we can do for ourselves.

Style Icon

Beth Jones + Anna Golka-Yepez

Beth Jones of @bjonesstyle is a given, she is a literal queen of personal style and I love that you never know what to expect from her. I gravitate towards that a lot because I feel my style changes day to day based on how I’m feeling or what my latest inspiration is. She is continously inspiring me on my journey of personal style. Anna Golka-Yepez of @annagolkayepez is so quirky and cute and colorful! Her unexpected ways of layering is so refreshing.

Why I Picked this top to style

I chose this top because I don’t wear it enough so I wanted to challenge myself to find fun ways to incorporate it more. A great versatile piece from the thrift gods!

Look One

This is definitely something I’m wearing to the office or might even find me grocery shopping in (yeah I’m one of those)!

This look was to really showcase that this top doesn’t need much because it’s such a standout on its own. I wanted to pair it with a colorful western style skirt and the red plays well with the reds in the top but also color blocks well with all the other colors. I decided to continue with the western style a bit (cowgirl forever) and added this suede leather fringe belt just to cinch my waist and break up the colors a bit and some polka dot kitten heels to tie it all together!
skirt & belt: poshmark, shoes: thrifted

Look Two

Did someone say girls night?!

I wanted an edgier outfit, so these leather pants from Ragged Priest (a few years old) paired with a colorful animal print top was such a great starting point. The polka dot shoes went so well with the pants. The cherry on top was deciding to throw another layer. I’ve seen collars everywhere yet part of me felt like it wasn’t for me, until I found this one with race cars on it, made by the talented Makenzie Godso of @makenziegodso. I love that the bedazzled collar of the top still peaks through!
pants: Ragged Priest, collar: @makmakhandmade, shoes: thrifted

Look Three

GLITCHCORE, anyone?!??

I’m a sucker for some pattern/texture mixing and sometimes that means everything I have on will have a pattern/texture. This one is harder to explain, it’s more of a feeling I get when these pieces are together. The fringe top, skirt and shoes definitely have a black and white element that ties them together, and the yellows and pinks of the fringe top ties in with the animal print top. That’s probably as much as I can explain for it to make sense to you, but very possible it didn’t and I’m ok with that.
This is definitely another office outfit, or going to a local coffee shop!

fringe top: thrifted, skirt and shoes: poshmark

You asked, and we listened! You said you wanted more style inspo of real people showing how they wear a garment in multiple ways. Great style advice on personal style and examples of how they do it. We’ll be doing this for you at least twice a month –if not more– and if you’re interested in being featured you can DM us on Instagram or reach out to

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