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Segway X Tombogo reveals “Nature is Healing”

On the rooftop of Spring Studios, Tombogo revealed their SS22 collection “Nature is Healing” with an unconventional runway show. Staying true to the brands utilitarian style, the new collection included double knee pants—a tombogo signature—and puffer vests, but also ventured out into layered crop tops and watering can shaped bags.

Notes of Bogo’s sustainable values were weaved into the items through leaf shaped zipper tags and wood grain patterned fabrics. Perhaps the most unique aspect of this show was when models came down the runway on Segways, an unexpected but intriguing collaboration.

The fashion industry has one of the largest carbon footprints in the world, but brands like Tombogo are taking care to minimize their waste. Segway aims to minimize the air pollution cars cause in New York City. The entrance was seamless, as was the aesthetic, as the segways were painted in the same thermal tones as several garments.

Like a heat map, the first look out was a white set with the knees and shoulder printed red to blue. Another thermal patterned piece came out later, this time as a black tank top paired with blue double knee pants.


One standout look was worn by a model with nails weaved into his hair, wearing an orange puffer coat with matching bright orange utility pants. This striking look came alongside other plays with texture- several looks included garments made from light waffle pattern fabric, contrasted against dark, snap studded pants.

The designer created a green oasis for his spring collection where models emerged from a conceptual greenhouse on Segway’s most popular models. The designer worked with Segway to create exclusive custom scooters for the rooftop runway show. The runway itself was full of plants, books and helmets (among other things) and fronted with mirrored fences. Some models picked up items as they walked, bringing the entire concept together.

In their variety of earth tones and silhouettes, each of the looks held their own, but flowed together seamlessly in the final walk. Some items that also deserve recognition are the spiderwebbed double knee pants, belt top and three arrow printed socks—a small but intentional detail which did not go unnoticed.

–Tori D’Amico


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