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We Tried Sam Weir’s Personal Styling Service, Lotte.V1

We Tried Sam Weir’s Personal Styling Service, Lotte.V1 that revives your closet.

We were so intrigued by Sam Weir’s personal stylist service that helps you fall in love with things you already own that we had two of our writers, Leah and Nadine try it out and report back.*

*They each picked one item to be restyled, not an entire wardrobe.



The only time I have ever worn this Danny & Nicole green top was with a pair of skinny jeans and ankle booties and I never wore it again because the outfit just didn’t look right. Sam Weir of Lotte.V1 helped me style this bright green vintage piece in a way that felt chic and timeless (and it reassured me it was worth trying to style again!)

 The key to this was letting the green be the main attention grabber of the look— so what she suggested was a pretty simple outfit, focusing on black details to match the piping on the top.

Sam helped me walk through how I pick an outfit and what that looks like when I get dressed in the morning. Getting a fresh opinion on the articles of clothing I see every single day helped me see all the possibilities and new potential for what is already in my closet.

 Sam suggested little tips that would simply help style something better— she made me realize the importance of proportions which I will keep in mind for every outfit now. My favorite chunky black heel is not always the way to go and she was able to walk me through why something slimmer would fit better with this outfit.

Overall, having a conversation with Sam let me take a step back and look at my wardrobe with a new attitude. Her styling is something I am walking away from with new ideas for my other pieces. I have a lot of clothes to re-style and sometimes all it takes is a second chance and second opinion to revive a piece you haven’t worn in months.


A black mini skirt and black accessories to match the black piping on the green top. 

A black mini skirt and black accessories to match the black piping on the green top.


Nadine in her favorite Depop top. Too short to be a dress but a little basic with black leggings.

Nadine in her favorite Depop top. Too short to be a dress but a little basic with black leggings.

We have all been there –we buy a garment that looks amazing, but suddenly we realize…nothing in our wardrobe seems to go with it! There is nothing more frustrating than being in love with a certain piece of clothing, that just does not seem to fit with anything you combine it with. What do we do in such a situation? Here at No Kill, we don’t give up on clothes!

So, when I had the opportunity to meet with Style consultant Sam Weir to style one of my favorite tops, that just screams out “me”, but I just didn’t know how to wear, I had to jump onto the opportunity!

 One of my favorite garments, a mixture of tube top and corset with adorable ruffles from Depop, was also the garment, I wore the least. I struggled to come up with an outfit idea that would serve it justice because simple leggings just blew away its thunder. I have to say I was close to giving up on this piece. I mean it is too short for a dress but too long to wear with normal trousers, so what can you do?

My style consultation with Sam started with her trying to understand my style a little more. When I described it to her as “a mixture of Bratz doll and Punk’’ she instantly understood what her assignment was, and I have to say I was impressed.

Her suggestion of combining my cute top with oversized trousers, chunky boots and some sort of accessory, was an approach that I would have not considered myself. It was a creative and openminded approach to style, and while I like to consider myself to be risky and open minded as well, when it comes to my own fashion, I have always associated a dress like top such as this one, with tights, knowing that something was missing!

I instantly tried her suggestion and I absolutely loved it. Her idea of adding loose trousers that would sum up the overall style, without taking away the top’s thunder worked wonders! After adding the chunky boots and the cute y2k bag from Depop, I felt, for the first time, that my outfit with this top was complete.

You can imagine how I was even more impressed by her idea to just get rid of the length factor of the top! “Why not turn it into a dress by adding a skirt!” she said, so that’s what I did, and I felt like I had a completely new outfit!

Both of her ideas brought out my individual preferences in fashion, while giving the top two completely different and unique vibes in each style. Both outfits made me feel like I had two individual pieces of clothes rather than one and the same top!

 It is safe to say that Sam’s goal and the consultation was more than successful! After working as a stylist for several years, Sam realized that there was a certain approach to sustainable fashion that seemed to have been completely overlooked. She thought, instead of encouraging people to shop sustainably, why not introduce them to several ways they can style their own clothes, giving them ‘the new outfit feel’ with garments out of their already existing wardrobe!  We all have those clothes such as my top that we just love but don’t know how to wear. Or what about those clothes we love, but wore so many times that we are bored of them? Well, Sam’s style consultations are here to help giving these pieces a new and exciting role in your wardrobe! With her help, you can renew your love for certain garments, and you might just be as lucky as me, and end up with three new outfits you absolutely love without even having to buy new clothes!

I was certainly moved by Sam’s passion and her unique approach to sustainable clothing, making stylist consultations an inclusive subject that can be available to everyone and using her skills and knowledge to help people reinvent their own wardrobe!

The top styled by Sam Weir of Lotte.V1 with pants and two different skirts

The top styled by Sam Weir of Lotte.V1 with pants and two different skirts

Intrigued? Check out Lotte.V1 here and get your own free 15 minute style consultation. Share it on instagram and tag #NoKillMag so we can see too!

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