Culture Dose | Decolonizing The World | Compost NYC | World is Burning Podcast

Join us as we tune into a webinar about decolonizing fashion, groove along with Nate and Hila’s music video about composting, and listen to the World is Burning podcast to stay informed about the impacts of climate change. We promise that spending some time with these amazing Earth Month resources will leave you feeling inspired and motivated to take action.

The Day the World Stops Shopping

Our review Ever-increasing consumption by ever-increasing numbers of people is devouring the world. So why not try to save it by reducing consumption? What would happen if everybody stopped shopping? … Read more

the anti-capitalist book of fashion

The Anti-Capitalist Book of Fashion

Tansy Hoskins wrote Stitched Up in 2014. The book was a fresh and radical take on fashion and capitalism, destruction and resistance, climate and land, billionaires and workers. It addressed … Read more

From Fashion Addiction To Art

Isabel Varela’s Cothes: Minded and Repurposed visually captures her journey from 100k in debt shopping addict to a woman with a healthy relationship with fashion.