Don’t Shop. Swap!

Don’t Shop. Swap!

5 Clothing Swap Options to Help Your Wardrobe and The Planet A lot of us believe thrifting is the solution to mindless over consumption. What a lot of us don’t … Read more

Donating to a Thrift Store? Read this First

Donating to a Thrift Store? Read this First

My litmus test is “Is it in a condition that I would feel okay to give it to a friend?”. If not, I’m not giving it away at all because it increases the chance of it being put in some other countries landfill.

The Commons

A Resurrection of Care: Learn about the Commons

Occupy didn’t altogether fail. It succeeded by unleashing the forces of commonality; igniting a path forward. We hear from the people, read their ideas, and engage in activists’ spaces to reclaim what is ours.

Get Schooled on Conscious/Sustainable Fashion

You love fashion, but what about the industry? You’ve heard “fast fashion” is bad and even luxury brands pollute are planet. What’s going on? Learn how the fashion industry works: the good, bad and the ugly by taking any of these free courses on sustainable fashion and learn how to be a better consumer, creator and citizen.

5 best books on shopping and enviroment

5 Best Books on Climate and Consumerism

Shopping for more than we need is an American pastime. But why? What are we looking for? And what are the unintended consequences of our actions and how can we change them?

Our Favorite Fashion Influencers You Need To Know

The women featured here range from students to CEOs and are vastly different in how they’re approaching the fashion industry but they’re all innovative and worth watching as we all continue to invent the future of fashion together.

vintage shoppers pose

6 tips for vintage shopping

go on with your glam self! One of our favorite places to shop vintage is The Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show It features New York City’s greatest collection of vintage clothing, … Read more