A Microgreen Parfait

Where does the inspiration for any recipe come from?

This latest, a microgreen quinoa stack, was a direct response to Jacob O’s surreal fabric into fashion collection. While Jacob spent months developing the proper micro climate for living fabric, I simply clipped micro greens from the garden and used white quinoa as the base on which to play.

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Behno Collection 2

Each season we'll be featuring lookbooks by our favorite ethical labels like behno!  behno designs in “collections” rather than by seasons to promote slow-fashion where consumers buy what they will love for the years to come. Each collection has versatile pieces suitable for a global market that takes into consideration different climates and weather patterns, as well as an evolving retail landscape.

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Katya Moorman
Jacob Olmedo: The fashion designer who is radically rethinking what clothing can be.

As summer is coming to a close and our attention is shifting to fall there have been concerns within the sustainable fashion community that some of what is getting hyped by the mainstream press is only borderline sustainable or ethical. Which is completely the opposite of the designer we recently interviewed, Jacob Olmedo

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Embrace Your Weird: What I learned at my visit to Package Free Shop

If, like me, you’ve awakened to the fact that we have to curb our waste if we want to save the planet then you might have already started changing your habits. Maybe you’ve bought a stainless steel water bottle that you can use instead of buying plastic bottles. Maybe you’re buying fewer pieces of clothing and checking that they’re ethically and environmentally friendly before purchasing them.
But then what?

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