Call Your Mom!


What is Call Your Mom?
Call Your Mom is a multimedia performance collective now based in Baltimore, MD, formed at the University of Michigan.

Who is Call Your Mom?
Call Your Mom is Emma Bergman, E Cadoux, Sophie Goldberg, and Mia Massimino.

What are you currently working on?
We are working on an installation surrounding indigestion of feelings under the Trump administration. With the constant rush of violent, hideous news, how do we process the media we consume? How do we digest those emotions? How much can you stomach? In the installation audiences interact with video, sculpture, edible goods, and song - singing their way into a stomach-settling state of solidarity and resistance.

Why is sustainable fashion important to you?
Sustainable fashion is important to us because the fashion industry is one of the least recognized, least humane, and most environmentally destructive creators of waste on earth! No matter where your priorities lie, knowing about the fashion industry offends any sense of ethics. You care about labor rights? Clean water? Indigenous communities? Sustainable farming and fair food? Then you’ve got to care about clothing.

We are not yet model practitioners of sustainable fashion practices, but we have to commit to being better, as people who love to dress and people who love people and people who love envisioning more just futures.

All clothes a mix of Eileen Fisher & CYM's closet
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