Behno Collection 2

behno Collection 2

Collection 2 references a history of restriction and confinement of the female form on a quest to define what it means to be a woman today. behno explores a modern day woman’s ability to express, identify, and gain control in reflection to physically restrictive clothing from cultures globally and historically.

Collection 2 started with Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki’s jarring photographs of Tokyo’s underground sex scene depicting women elaborately knotted with ropes, the history of body modification through traditional corseting in Europe, foot binding practices of China, and the burqa’s ability to conceal one’s identity. Jacquard knits transitioning from merino wool to synthetic yarns by erratic scribbling nod to Araki’s Color Eros series, where black and white photographs were aggressively painted over. The series’ mottled nature is shown through coats fabricated in multi-colored faux fur. The influence of the burqa is translated into a sculptural pleated suiting story with flat wrapping panels peeling away to give a sense of discovery. Overcoats in traditional tartan suiting with wide hanging panels are knotted to reveal a powerful silhouette, lending a sense of control. The traditional corset is reinvented as a layered dress with raw-edge finishing, hand-frayed trims and grosgrain ties. behno Collection 2 debuts handbags utilizing signature menswear detailing of traditional shoe lacing techniques done by hand

ABOUT behno: behno is a NYC-based RTW and accessories label whose mission is to redefine and bring sharp awareness to sustainability and ethics to fashion and to set a new standard for manufacturing for India’s garment trade that revolutionizes the way garment workers and artisans are treated, viewed, and employed.

Katya Moorman