The New Stella X Adidas is Out Now

The New Stella McCartney x Adidas Is Out Now

We are super massive fans of Stella McCartney and her unapologetic, authentic and ongoing commitment to sustainability. Performance wear and sustainability has always been tricky because let’s face it: all those “performance materials” you grew up with were more often than not some sort of polyester - which is a byproduct of petroleum and not so great for the earth.

Her new collection is made with recycled polyester. While this is still not ideal since it doesn’t naturally degrade back into the earth (like hemp, for example) it is still a step in the right direction. By limiting the use of virgin materials, recycled polyester dramatically lowers its environmental impact versus traditional polyester. Recycled polyester:

  • Reduces reliance on virgin petroleum as a raw material

  • Diverts used plastic from landfills

  • Prevents used plastic from ending up in our oceans and harming marine life

  • Decreases greenhouse gas emissions from creating and processing virgin polyester

  • Can be continuously recycled again and again without quality degradation

That said if you’re washing ANY synthetic material make sure you use something like this to stop bits of it from leaking through and eventually finding it’s way into the ocean.

Check out all the images of Grimes/c/Claire above who is “the face” of this particular collection and look for her new album reportedly called Miss Anthropocene, with the singer-producer playing an anthropomorphised version of climate change throughout. …which we guess makes her concerned about climate change? Since she currently has the genius/mad man Elon Musk’s attention it would be awesome if she actually did something to work towards real climate change. In the meantime, Stella’s collection is a step in the right direction.