All that glitters

nontoxic glitter - good for you, good for the fish

All that glitters…

all sparkle. zero guilt.

Summer is coming. A time of music festivals, pride parades and other events that demand a little glitter. But most glitter is made from plastic and ends up in our water supply and eventually the ocean where it damages marine life -not to mention lives on in the ecosystem forever.

Luckily for us there is Glitterevolution - a biodegradable glitter that lets us sparkle and shine guilt-free.

Our friend, model + actor B Hawk Snipes shows us how it’s done.

Our friend, model + actor B Hawk Snipes shows us how it’s done.

How It Works
It is made from plant-based film (cellulose). The material is derived from the fibers of eucalyptus trees, one of the most widely available and fastest growing trees on the planet.

How To Use
when you are ready to get your sparkle on, you will need an adhesive medium to keep it in place. Any cream/gel-based face and body product will work: your moisturizer, sunscreen or lip balm, an organic facial oil (we love jojoba oil and coconut oil!), or aloe gel. Apply the medium directly to your skin and press glitter over the top. For broad application, use a round brush. For precision, use a flat brush.

Where to Buy
Online at Glitterevolution

  • Certified home compostable by AIB Vinçotte

  • Renewable plant-based raw materials

  • Cosmetic grade quality by FDA standards

  • Vegan friendly, never tested on animals

  • 30-40% softer than conventional glitter

  • Marine and waste water biodegradable